Researcher interests: Experimental studies on stable isotopes and trace element in live foraminifera and corals in order to develop new paleoceanographic proxies. Biomineralization mechanisms, internal carbon cycling and stable isotope fractionations in symbiotic associations (foraminifera and corals). Carbon isotopic fractionation and carbon limitation in algae during photosynthesis. Nutrient fluxes between coral reefs and the open ocean.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

Denis Allemand, Jonathan Erez, Jacob Silverman, Kenneth Schneider, St├ęphanie Reynaud
Coral Calcification Under Ocean Acidification and Global Change (2010)| Springer Link | Read more
Jonathan Erez, Jacob Silverman, Ken Caldeira, Boaz Lazar, Long Cao
Coral reefs may start dissolving when atmospheric CO2 doubles (2009)| AGU100 | Read more
Eran Brokovich, Jonathan Erez, Shai Einbinder, Tali Mass
Photoacclimation of Stylophora pistillata to light extremes: metabolism and calcification (2007)| Jstor| Read more

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