Researcher interests: Reef response to eutrophication: benthic bloom experiment. Carbon geochemistry of hypersaline microbial mats: implications for stromatolitic paleoenvironments. Diagenesis in living corals from the Gulf of Eilat: inferences for the Sr/Ca, Mg/Ca and U/Ca paleothermometers and U-Th isotope system. Coral reef metabolic performance and the effect of nutrients on reef calcification. Nutrient dynamics in the open waters of the Gulf of Aqaba. Rn and Ra isotopes as tracers for mixing in the water column and seawater exchange with the coastal region. 14C as a tracer for carbon biogeochemical processes in freshwater-seawater interface, bottom water-sediment interface and tracer for flooding intensity in the Dead Sea drainage basin.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

hadar berman, james churchill, Boaz Lazar, Nathan Paldor
constraining evaporation rates based on large scale sea surface transects of salinity or isotopic compositions (2019)| Journal of Geophysical Research| Read more
clare reimers, Jonathan Erez, Boaz Lazar, zvi steiner
carbonates dissolution and precipitation in hemipelagic sediments overlaid by supersaturated bottom waters gulf of aqaba red sea (2019)| Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta| Read more
alexandra turchyn, Jonathan Erez, Boaz Lazar, zvi steiner
comparing rhizon samplers and centrifugation for pore water separation in studies of the marine carbonate system in sediments (2018)| Limnology and Oceanography-methods| Read more
Ittai Gavrieli, Boaz Lazar, Ludwik Halicz, michael kobberich, netta shalev
the chemical evolution of brine and mg k salts along the course of extreme evaporation of seawater an experimental study (2018)| Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta| Read more
Amotz Agnon, Boaz Lazar, maayan yehudai, Mordechai Stein, neta bar, shaked
last interglacial sea levels and regional tectonics from fossil coral reefs in the northeast gulf of aqaba (2018)| Quaternary Science Reviews| Read more
Ittai Gavrieli, jake zappala, Boaz Lazar, Mordechai Stein, nurit weber, peter mueller, reika yokochi, Yoseph Yechieli
the circulation of the dead sea brine in the regional aquifer (2018)| Earth and Planetary Science Letters| Read more
elan levy, Ittai Gavrieli, Boaz Lazar, Mordechai Stein, orit sivan, yael kiro, Yoseph Yechieli
salt precipitation and dissolution in the late quaternary dead sea evidence from chemical and δ 37 cl composition of pore fluids and halites (2018)| Earth and Planetary Science Letters| Read more
andreas andersson, ashly mcmahon, atsushi suzuki, atsushi watanabe, bradley eyre, chris langdon, coulson lantz, david kline, david koweek, derek manzello, dwight gledhill, emily shaw, Jonathan Erez, hajime kayanne, heather page, ian enochs, isaac santos, Jacob Silverman, jeanpierre gattuso, jorge corredor, kai schulz, Ken Caldeira, Boaz Lazar, lida teneva, melissa melendez, nicholas bates, rebecca albright, renee carlton, robert dunbar, shoji yamamoto, tyler cyronak
taking the metabolic pulse of the world s coral reefs (2018)| PLOS ONE| Read more
anton eisenhauer, crippa, felletti, fuchs, Boaz Lazar, lucia angiolini, Mordechai Stein
sr isotopes at the onset of the ice ages (2018)| [Poster] In: Goldschmidt Conference 2018, 12.08.-17.08.2018, Boston, USA .| Read more
testing the utility of geochemical proxies for paleoproductivity in oxic sedimentary marine settings of the gulf of aqaba red sea (2017)| Chemical Geology| Read more
assaf zipori, Yigal Erel, Boaz Lazar, Mordechai Stein, nadya teutsch, ofir tirosh, Yeala Shaked, tanya rivlin, Adi Torfstein
chemical characterization of atmospheric dust from a weekly time series in the north red sea between 2006 and 2010 (2017)| Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta| Read more
hadar berman, Boaz Lazar, Nathan Paldor
quantifying thermohaline circulations seawater isotopic compositions and salinity as proxies of the ratio between advection time and evaporation time (2017)| Ocean Science Discussions| Read more
Amotz Agnon, Boaz Lazar, maayan yehudai, Mordechai Stein, neta bar, yael kiro, yonathan shaked
u th dating of calcite corals from the gulf of aqaba (2017)| Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta| Read more
eyal wurgaft, Boaz Lazar, Boaz Luz, zvi steiner
evidence for inorganic precipitation of caco3 on suspended solids in the open water of the red sea (2016)| Marine Chemistry| Read more
relationships between lake level changes and water and salt budgets in the dead sea during extreme aridities in the eastern mediterranean ()| Earth and Planetary Science Letters| Read more

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