Selected Publications

David Avnir, barak menagen, Zvi Hayouka, tal stern bauer
random peptide mixtures entrapped within a copper cuprite matrix new antimicrobial agent against methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (2019)| Scientific Reports| Read more
avishag yehuda, didier lereclus, Einav Malach, Zvi Hayouka, leyla slamti
elucidating the hot spot residues of quorum sensing peptidic autoinducer papr by multiple amino acid replacements (2019)| Frontiers in Microbiology| Read more
Einat Zelinger, hagit shoyhet, Zvi Hayouka, vinayak ghate
inactivation of listeria monocytogenes on paperboard a food packaging material using 410 nm light emitting diodes (2019)| Food Control| Read more
Zvi Hayouka, zaid amso
antimicrobial random peptide cocktails a new approach to fight pathogenic bacteria (2019)| Chemical Communications| Read more
Saul Burdman, dafna tamirariel, Zvi Hayouka, heli bochnictamir, Sharoni Shafir, shiri topman, tal stern bauer
random peptide mixtures as new crop protection agents (2018)| Microbial Biotechnology| Read more
anna hrabia, ewa oclon, Arieh Gertler, gili solomon, Zvi Hayouka, s druyan
new reagents for poultry research preparation purification and in vitro evaluation of non pegylated and mono pegylated chicken prolactin (2018)| Poultry Science| Read more
ewa oclon, Arieh Gertler, gili solomon, Zvi Hayouka
preparation of biologically active monomeric recombinant zebrafish danio rerio and rainbow trout oncorhynchus mykiss recombinant growth hormones (2018)| Fish Physiology and Biochemistry| Read more
Zvi Hayouka, tal stern bauer
random mixtures of antimicrobial peptides inhibit bacteria associated with pasteurized bovine milk (2018)| Journal of Peptide Science| Read more
hiv 1 integrase derived peptides and compositions comprising them (2018)| | Read more
danfeng wang, Zvi Hayouka, shunshan jiao, sizhuo hu, yanyun zhao
inactivation kinetics for salmonella typhimurium in red pepper powders treated by radio frequency heating (2018)| Food Control| Read more
ewa oclon, Arieh Gertler, gili solomon, Zvi Hayouka, tomer meir salame, vincent goffin
novel reagents for human prolactin research large scale preparation and characterization of prolactin receptor extracellular domain non pegylated and pegylated prolactin and prolactin receptor antagonist (2018)| Protein Engineering Design & Selection| Read more
hiv 1 integrase derived peptides and compositions (2015)| | Read more
Aviad Levin, danny porath, dvir rotem, Assaf FRIEDLER, Zvi Hayouka, limor zemel, Abraham Loyter, Ronen Gabizon, Shlomit Guy
monitoring the hiv 1 integrase enzymatic activity using atomic force microscopy in a 2ltr system (2013)| Chemical Communications| Read more
Aviad Levin, deborah e shalev, Assaf FRIEDLER, Chaim Gilon, Zvi Hayouka, Abraham Loyter, mattan hurevich
a comparative study of backbone versus side chain peptide cyclization application for hiv 1 integrase inhibitors (2012)| Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry| Read more

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