Researcher interests: Novel antimicrobial agents for food applications. Development of chemical tools to inhibit microbial and fungal growth in food.

Selected Publications

Aviad Levin, Zvi Hayouka, Abraham Loyter, Markus Helfer
Peptides Derived from HIV-1 Integrase that Bind Rev Stimulate Viral Genome Integration (2009)| Plos One| Read more
Aviad Levin, Assaf FRIEDLER, Zvi Hayouka, Joseph Rosenbluh, Abraham Loyter
Peptides derived from HIV‐1 Rev inhibit HIV‐1 integrase in a shiftide mechanism (2008)| Wiley Online Library | Read more
Inhibiting HIV-1 integrase by shifting its oligomerization equilibrium (2007)| PNAS| Read more

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