Researcher interests: Study of the factors affecting the productivity and yield accumulation of vegetable and field crops. Determining the factors controlling carbohydrate translocation and resource allocation between the various plant organs. Cell-to-cell and long-distance communication in plants. Phloem genomics. Seed development; environmental effect on the viability of seeds.
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Selected Publications

noga glanzidan, petr tarkowski, veronika tureckova, Shmuel Wolf
root shoot communication in tomato plants cytokinin as a signal molecule modulating leaf photosynthetic activity (2019)| Journal of Experimental Botany| Read more
amit shahar, Shmuel Wolf, ziv spiegelman
down regulation of slcyp1 in the phloem reduces auxin response and photosynthetic rate in tomato solanum lycopersicum plants (2017)| Plant Signaling & Behavior| Read more
dina plakhine, hanan eizenberg, rachel amir, Baruch Rubin, shira gal, tal shilo, Shmuel Wolf, yael hacham
secondary effects of glyphosate action in phelipanche aegyptiaca inhibition of solute transport from the host plant to the parasite (2017)| Frontiers in Plant Science| Read more
ben n mansfeld, sumita omer, Shmuel Wolf, ziv spiegelman
function of cyclophilin1 as a long distance signal molecule in the phloem of tomato plants (2017)| Journal of Experimental Botany| Read more
hanan eizenberg, lilach zygier, Baruch Rubin, tal shilo, Shmuel Wolf
mechanism of glyphosate control of phelipanche aegyptiaca (2016)| Planta| Read more
byungkook ham, siobhan m brady, ted toal, william j lucas, Shmuel Wolf, yi zheng, zhangjun fei, zhaoliang zhang, ziv spiegelman
a tomato phloem mobile protein regulates the shoot to root ratio by mediating the auxin response in distant organs (2015)| Plant Journal| Read more
a naor, eliezer e goldschmidt, shaul naschitz, Shmuel Wolf
the effects of temperature and drought on autumnal senescence and leaf shed in apple under warm east mediterranean climate (2014)| Trees-structure and Function| Read more
guy golan, Shmuel Wolf, ziv spiegelman
don t kill the messenger long distance trafficking of mrna molecules (2013)| Plant Science| Read more
guy golan, rotem betzer, Shmuel Wolf
phloem specific expression of a melon aux iaa in tomato plants alters auxin sensitivity and plant development (2013)| Frontiers in Plant Science| Read more
guy golan, Shmuel Wolf, ziv spiegelman
macromolecules trafficking in the phloem and interorgan communication (2013)| | Read more

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