Researcher interests: Development of an anti-metastatic, peptidomimetic drug based on alpha1/alpha2 integrin receptor inhibition. Investigations of tissue engineered scaffolds containing human umbilical cord blood stem cells for therapy of neurological disorders. Development of in vitro colon cancer models for near infrared imaging. Characterization in vitro and in vivo of novel angiogenic functions of nerve growth factor (NGF). The role of NGF in muscle degeneration. Isolation and characterization of anti-cancer and anti-angiogenic lead compounds from snake venoms.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC
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Selected Publications

Amir Haze, Anat Blumenfeld, dekel shilo, Dan Deutsch, Gadi Cohen, koby goren, Philip Lazarovici, salem hanhan, shay sharon
tuftelin is required for ngf induced differentiation of pc12 cells (2019)| Journal of Molecular Neuroscience| Read more
Philip Lazarovici, ligang chen, mohd farhan, tangming peng, wenhua zheng, yizhou jiang
anti inflammatory effects of traditional chinese medicines on preclinical in vivo models of brain ischemia reperfusion injury prospects for neuroprotective drug discovery and therapy (2019)| Frontiers in Pharmacology| Read more
adva krivitsky, anat eldarboock, dikla benshushan, eilam yeini, eytan ruppin, Gadi Cohen, galia tiram, jack henkin, joo sang lee, Philip Lazarovici, marcelo calderon, michael milyavsky, nava almog, orit amsalem, paula ofek, rachel grossman, rainer haag, roni blatt, ronit satchifainaro, shiran ferber, Eylon Yavin , zvi ram
reverting the molecular fingerprint of tumor dormancy as a therapeutic strategy for glioblastoma (2018)| The FASEB Journal| Read more
Haitao Wang, jiangping, Philip Lazarovici, remi quirion, wenhua zheng
camp response element binding protein creb a possible signaling molecule link in the pathophysiology of schizophrenia (2018)| Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience| Read more
galit gincberg, Philip Lazarovici, Esther Shohami, uriel elchalal
human umbilical cord blood cd45 pan hematopoietic cells induced a neurotherapeutic effect in mice with traumatic brain injury immunophenotyping comparison of maternal and neonatal parameters and immunomodulation (2018)| Journal of Molecular Neuroscience| Read more
Adi Lahiani, annette brandyavin, ephraim yavin, Philip Lazarovici
neuroprotective effects of bioactive compounds and mapk pathway modulation in ischemia stressed pc12 pheochromocytoma cells (2018)| Brain Sciences| Read more
alexander alexandrovich, galit gincberg, Philip Lazarovici, Esther Shohami, uriel elchalal, Victoria Trembovler
nerve growth factor plays a role in the neurotherapeutic effect of a cd45 pan hematopoietic subpopulation derived from human umbilical cord blood in a traumatic brain injury model (2018)| Cytotherapy| Read more
Adi Lahiani, arnon fluksman, Ofra Benny, Cezary Marcinkiewicz, dikla haham, galit gincberg, Philip Lazarovici, peter lelkes
nerve growth factor induced angiogenesis 1 endothelial cell tube formation assay (2018)| | Read more
Adi Lahiani, Cezary Marcinkiewicz, dikla haham, galit gincberg, Philip Lazarovici, peter lelkes
nerve growth factor induced angiogenesis 2 the quail chorioallantoic membrane assay (2018)| | Read more
Adi Lahiani, david lankri, dikla haham, Philip Lazarovici, Dmitry Tsvelikhovsky
methylene cycloalkylacetate mca scaffold based compounds as novel neurotropic agents (2017)| ACS Chemical Neuroscience| Read more
Simon Benita, Philip Lazarovici, orit amsalem, sandrine benhamron, taher nassar, Eylon Yavin
solid nano in nanoparticles for potential delivery of sirna (2017)| Journal of Controlled Release| Read more
Adi Lahiani, Gadi Cohen, galit gincberg, Henry Matzner, Philip Lazarovici, matan geron, Avi Priel, Rakesh Kumar
protein toxins of the echis coloratus viper venom directly activate trpv1 (2017)| Biochimica et Biophysica Acta| Read more
christopher bawiec, Gadi Cohen, hiba natsheh, Philip Lazarovici, melissa lerman, peter lewin, Elka Touitou, youhan sunny
enhanced therapeutic anti inflammatory effect of betamethasone on topical administration with low frequency low intensity 20 khz 100 mw cm2 ultrasound exposure on carrageenan induced arthritis in a mouse model (2015)| Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology| Read more
elena rotfeld, hadar arienzakay, Henry Matzner, Philip Lazarovici, peter lelkes, rinat tabakman, shimon lecht, Rami Yaka
neuroprotective effects of nimodipine and nifedipine in the ngf differentiated pc12 cells exposed to oxygen glucose deprivation or trophic withdrawal (2012)| International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience| Read more
Anat Blumenfeld, dekel shilo, Dan Deutsch, Philip Lazarovici, nechama silverstein, shimon lecht
biphasic influence of hypoxia on tuftelin expression in mouse mesenchymal c3h10t1 2 stem cells (2011)| European Journal of Oral Sciences| Read more
Amir Haze, Anat Blumenfeld, boaz shay, dekel shilo, Dan Deutsch, Eli Rosenfeld, Philip Lazarovici, nechama silverstein, rinat tabakman, shimon lecht, Yoav Leiser
the induction of tuftelin expression in pc12 cell line during hypoxia and ngf induced differentiation (2011)| Journal of Cellular Physiology| Read more
Haitao Wang, jiangping, Philip Lazarovici, mohd farhan, wenhua zheng
the involvement of darpp 32 in the pathophysiology of schizophrenia ()| Oncotarget| Read more

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