Researcher interests: Plasma mass spectrometry iron and copper stable isotope studies of low temperature marine sedimentary and continental groundwater-transport mineralization systems. Laser ablation-continuous flow mass spectrometry studies of silicate and carbonate rocks in orogenic igneous and metamorphic rocks and post-orogenic clastic sediments. Paleoclimate research using the hydrogen isotope geochemistry of fluid inclusions in cave deposits.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

andy i r herries, Avner Ayalon, curtis w marean, e fisher, james s brink, kerstin braun, Alan Matthews, miryam barmatthews, richard m cowling, Tami Zilberman
comparison of climate and environment on the edge of the palaeo agulhas plain to the little karoo south africa in marine isotope stages 5 3 as indicated by speleothems (2019)| Quaternary Science Reviews| Read more
Avner Ayalon, Elisabetta Boaretto, gal yasur, Israel Hershkovitz, Alan Matthews, miryam barmatthews, Ofer Marder, omry barzilai, Tami Zilberman
climatic and environmental conditions in the western galilee during late middle and upper paleolithic periods based on speleothems from manot cave israel (2019)| Journal of Human Evolution| Read more
Avner Ayalon, curtis w marean, e fisher, kelsey a dyez, kerstin braun, Alan Matthews, miryam barmatthews, panagiotis karkanas, richard m cowling, Tami Zilberman
late pleistocene records of speleothem stable isotopic compositions from pinnacle point on the south african south coast (2019)| Quaternary Research| Read more
corey archer, derek vance, g f de souza, Alan Matthews, mira barmatthews, morten b andersen
a 10 fold decline in the deep eastern mediterranean thermohaline overturning circulation during the last interglacial period (2018)| Earth and Planetary Science Letters| Read more
amos frumkin, Anton Vaks, Avner Ayalon, Alan Matthews, miryam barmatthews
pliocene pleistocene palaeoclimate reconstruction from ashalim cave speleothems negev desert israel (2017)| Geological Society, London, Special Publications| Read more
ahuva almogilabin, ayelet benkovitz, corey archer, derek vance, irit azrielital, Alan Matthews, miryam barmatthews, nadya teutsch, simon w poulton
anoxic development of sapropel s1 in the nile fan inferred from redox sensitive proxies fe speciation fe and mo isotopes (2017)| Chemical Geology| Read more
book review non traditional stable isotopes (2017)| American Mineralogist| Read more
Avner Ayalon, kerstin braun, Alan Matthews, miryam barmatthews, t zilberman
rainfall isotopic variability at the intersection between winter and summer rainfall regimes in coastal south africa mossel bay western cape province (2017)| South African Journal of Geology| Read more
dan asael, Irina Segal, Alan Matthews, miryam barmatthews, Yehudit Harlavan
tracing the sources of sedimentary cu and mn ores in the cambrian timna formation israel using pb and sr isotopes (2017)| Journal of Geochemical Exploration| Read more
andrew r keech, corey archer, derek vance, g hudson, julie pettridge, Alan Matthews, oliver a chadwick
the behaviour of cu and zn isotopes during soil development controls on the dissolved load of rivers (2016)| Chemical Geology| Read more
Avner Ayalon, hagit p affek, Alan Matthews, miryam barmatthews, t zilberman, Yuval Burstyn, Shikma Zaarur
accounting for kinetic isotope effects in soreq cave israel speleothems (2014)| Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta| Read more
Hagit Affek, Avner Ayalon, hagit p affek, Alan Matthews, miryam barmatthews, tobias kluge, Yuval Burstyn, Shikma Zaarur
quantifying kinetic isotope effect in speleothems through clumped and oxygen isotopes in laboratory precipitation experiments (2011)| AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts| Read more

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