Researcher interests: Structural determination of biologically related macromolecules via X-ray crystallographic techniques. Ligand recognition, initial signaling events, and the role of dimer/oligomer orientation in cytokine receptor systems. Structural studies of avidin/streptavidin - biotin high affinity systems. Structural based drug design and optimization. Combinatorial approaches in drug discovery.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

Assaf FRIEDLER, hadar amartely, Oded Livnah, Mario Lebendiker, orly avraham
coupling multi angle light scattering to ion exchange chromatography iex mals for protein characterization (2018)| Scientific Reports| Read more
edward bayer, Oded Livnah, orly avraham
crystal structure of afifavidin reveals common features of molecular assemblage in the bacterial dimeric avidins (2018)| FEBS Journal| Read more
alexander plotnikov, dana chuderland, Oded Livnah, rony seger, yael karamansha
retraction for plotnikov et al nuclear extracellular signal regulated kinase 1 and 2 translocation is mediated by casein kinase 2 and accelerated by autophosphorylation (2018)| Molecular and Cellular Biology| Read more
David Engelberg, jonah beenstock, Oded Livnah, masha tesker, ruchama hayouka, sadiduddin edbe selamat
tighter αc helix αl16 helix interactions seem to make p38α less prone to activation by autophosphorylation than hog1 (2016)| Bioscience Reports| Read more
Alexei Shir, anat goldbergcarp, arie admon, dganit melamed, David Engelberg, ilona darlyuksaadon, jonah beenstock, karina smorodinskyatias, Oded Livnah, natalie ahn, navit mooshayef, tal goshenlago, yael karamansha
intrinsically active variants of erk oncogenically transform cells and disclose unexpected autophosphorylation capability that is independent of tey phosphorylation (2016)| Molecular Biology of the Cell| Read more
Alexander Fish, amit meir, edward bayer, Oded Livnah, orly avraham
hoefavidin a dimeric bacterial avidin with a c terminal binding tail (2015)| Journal of Structural Biology| Read more
linda shimon, Oded Livnah
felix frolow 1947 2014 (2014)| Acta Crystallographica Section F-structural Biology and Crystallization Communications| Read more
arie admon, dganit melamed, David Engelberg, jonah beenstock, Oded Livnah, natalie ahn, sheer benyehuda
the p38β mitogen activated protein kinase possesses an intrinsic autophosphorylation activity generated by a short region composed of the α g helix and mapk insert (2014)| Journal of Biological Chemistry| Read more
adi gilboageffen, Assaf Bahat, erez podoly, estelle bennett, gunther hartmann, keren ofek, Oded Livnah, nir waiskopf, Hermona Soreq, uriya bekenstein
ache and rack1 promote the anti inflammatory properties of fluoxetine (2014)| Journal of Molecular Neuroscience| Read more
andrea conlan, colin lipper, jason stofleth, Oded Livnah, mark paddock, Rachel Nechushtai, patricia jennings, ron mittler, Sagi Tamir, yael eisenbergdomovich
a point mutation in the 2fe 2s cluster binding region of the naf 1 protein h114c dramatically hinders the cluster donor properties (2014)| Acta Crystallographica Section D-biological Crystallography| Read more
dorin ben chetrit, David Engelberg, Oded Livnah, nadav komornik, netanel tzarum
def pocket in p38α facilitates substrate selectivity and mediates autophosphorylation (2013)| Journal of Biological Chemistry| Read more

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