Researcher interests: Absorptive and post-absorptive mechanisms of the gastrointestinal tract and nutrients partitioning to the mammary gland in ruminants. Improving efficiency of milk production in dairy ruminants. Quantifying nutrient partitioning at the cellular level both in the gastro-intestinal tract and the mammary gland at different physiological states.
DEPARTMENT: Animal Sciences
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Selected Publications

adin, ben meir, cohen zinder, gershon, halachmi, jacoby, kleinjan elazary, levit, mabjeesh, Sameer Mabjeesh, maya zachut, miron, nikbachat, portnik, shabtay
effect of lactation trimester and parity on eating behavior milk production and efficiency traits of dairy cows (2019)| Animal| Read more
adin, ben meir, cohen zinder, fortnik, gershon, halachmi, jacoby, levit, mabjeesh, Sameer Mabjeesh, miron, nikbachat, shabtay, zachut
eating behavior milk production rumination and digestibility characteristics of high and low efficiency lactating cows fed a low roughage diet (2018)| Journal of Dairy Science| Read more
enav barshira, karen plaut, mabjeesh, Sameer Mabjeesh, mugagga kalyesubula, naama reicher, sabastian, shamay, theresa casey, yosi wein
mammary core clock gene expression is impacted by photoperiod exposure during the dry period in goats (2018)| Journal of Applied Animal Research| Read more
aridany suareztrujillo, bethany weldon, emily erickson, jennifer crodian, karen plaut, kristi crow, mabjeesh, Sameer Mabjeesh, shamay, shelby cummings, theresa casey, yulu chen
clock regulates mammary epithelial cell growth and differentiation (2016)| American Journal of Physiology-regulatory Integrative and Comparative Physiology| Read more
karen plaut, mabjeesh, Sameer Mabjeesh, sabastian, shamay, theresa casey
1125 photoperiod manipulations during the dry period significantly impact mammary circadian clock in goats (2016)| Journal of Animal Science| Read more
aridany suareztrujillo, jennifer crodian, karen plaut, mabjeesh, Sameer Mabjeesh, shamay, theresa casey
0853 interactions among serotonin and circadian systems in the mammary gland (2016)| Journal of Animal Science| Read more
dana eliyahu, edith yosef, itzhak mizrahi, joshua miron, mabjeesh, Sameer Mabjeesh, nikbachat, solomon, yehoshav benmeir, yoav shaani
effect of feeding ensiled mixture of pomegranate pulp and drier feeds on digestibility and milk performance in dairy cows (2016)| Journal of Dairy Research| Read more
benmeir, edith yosef, eliyahu, mabjeesh, Sameer Mabjeesh, miron, nikbachat, shaani, solomon, weinberg
effect of ensiling pomegranate pulp with solid additives on chemical composition intake and digestibility by sheep (2015)| Small Ruminant Research| Read more
edith yosef, eliyahu, hen, mabjeesh, Sameer Mabjeesh, miron, nikbachat, solomon, weinberg
composition preservation and digestibility by sheep of wet by products from the food industry (2015)| Animal Feed Science and Technology| Read more
baker, hongki lee, Eran Lavy, mabjeesh, Sameer Mabjeesh, mario giorgi, sabastian
use of the novel atypical opioid tapentadol in goats capra hircus pharmacokinetics after intravenous and intramuscular administration (2014)| Journal of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics| Read more

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