Researcher interests: Spinal cord physiology. Organization of spinal neuronal networks and their electrophysiological characterization. Central synaptic transmission. Neurogenesis of the locomotor rhythm in the spinal cord.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC
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Selected Publications

Alex Etlin, Lili Anglister, Eran Finkel, Aharon Lev-Tov, Meir Cherniak, Yoav Mor
Neuroanatomical basis for cholinergic modulation of locomotor networks by sacral relay neurons with ascending lumbar projections (2014)| JCN | Read more
Alex Etlin, Lili Anglister, Eran Finkel, Aharon Lev-Tov, Michael J. O'Donovan, Yoav Mor
Characterization of Sacral Interneurons That Mediate Activation of Locomotor Pattern Generators by Sacrocaudal Afferent Input (2013)| JNeurosci| Read more
Alex Etlin, Dvir Blivis, Aharon Lev-Tov, Moriel Ben-Zwi
Long and Short Multifunicular Projections of Sacral Neurons Are Activated by Sensory Input to Produce Locomotor Activity in the Absence of Supraspinal Control (2010)| JNeurosci| Read more

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