Researcher interests: Normal and pathological motor control by the brain.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC
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Selected Publications

atira bick, Hagai Bergman, guillermo sapiro, jerrold vitek, jinyoung kim, noam harel, odeya marmor, remi patriat, renana eitan, reuben shamir, ruth eliahou, yuval duchin, zvi israel
microelectrode recordings validate the clinical visualization of subthalamic nucleus based on 7t magnetic resonance imaging and machine learning for deep brain stimulation surgery (2019)| Neurosurgery| Read more
andres lozano, Hagai Bergman, cameron mcintyre, jens volkmann, jin woo chang, joachim krauss, keith matthews, michael schulder, nir lipsman, Peter Brown, stephan chabardes, thomas schlaepfer, yasin temel
deep brain stimulation current challenges and future directions (2019)| Nature Reviews Neurology| Read more
ben engelhard, Hagai Bergman, david hansel, nofar ozeriengelhard, ran darshan, uri wernerreiss, Eilon Vaadia, zvi israel
neuronal activity and learning in local cortical networks are modulated by the action perception state (2019)| bioRxiv| Read more
Hagai Bergman, israel, renana eitan
closed loop deep brain stimulation for parkinson s disease (2019)| | Read more
Hagai Bergman, liliya iskhakova, marc deffains, Shiran Katabi, zvi israel
longer β oscillatory episodes reliably identify pathological subthalamic activity in parkinsonism (2018)| Movement Disorders| Read more
atira bick, Hagai Bergman, david arkadir, eduard linetzky, idit tamir, odeya marmor, peled, pnina rapple, renana eitan, valsky, zvi israel
human subthalamic nucleus selectively decreases its response to the go signal in a motor inhibition context (2018)| bioRxiv| Read more
atira bick, Hagai Bergman, david arkadir, idit tamir, Mati Joshua, odeya marmor, renana eitan, valsky, zvi israel
local vs volume conductance activity of field potentials in the human subthalamic nucleus (2017)| Journal of Neurophysiology| Read more
one year double blind study of high vs low frequency subcallosal cingulate stimulation for depression ()| Journal of Psychiatric Research| Read more
next generation programming ()| Movement Disorders| Read more
basal ganglia movement disorders and deep brain stimulation advances made through non human primate research ()| Journal of Neural Transmission| Read more
increased energy expenditure during posture maintenance and exercise in early parkinson disease ()| Health Science Reports| Read more

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