Researcher interests: Regulation of neuropeptide gene expression in the central nervous system and in non-neural tissues during development. Expression of opioid genes in the immune system and their possible function in neuroimmunoregulation.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC
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Selected Publications

fattal langane, hagit cohenben ami, David Lichtstein, mordechai golomb, nahum buzaglo, ronen beeri, Haim Rosen, sandrine pierre
augmentation of ouabain induced increase in heart muscle contractility by akt inhibitor mk 2206 (2019)| Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Therapeutics| Read more
Anastasia Hodes, Asher Ilani, David Lichtstein, nahum buzaglo, noa horesh, Haim Rosen, shiv vardan singh
na k atpase signaling and bipolar disorder (2018)| International Journal of Molecular Sciences| Read more
Anastasia Hodes, hagit cohen benami, David Lichtstein, Haim Rosen, Tzuri Lifschytz
reduction in endogenous cardiac steroids protects the brain from oxidative stress in a mouse model of mania induced by amphetamine (2018)| Brain Research Bulletin| Read more
Anastasia Hodes, Joseph Deutsch, haim einat, David Lichtstein, Haim Rosen, Tzuri Lifschytz
endogenous cardiac steroids in animal models of mania (2016)| Bipolar Disorders| Read more
hagit cohenben ami, Adi Inbal, David Lichtstein, nahum buzaglo, Haim Rosen
essential opposite roles of erk and akt signaling in cardiac steroid induced increase in heart contractility (2016)| Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics| Read more
asher ornoy, drorith hochnercelnikier, hagit cohenben ami, David Lichtstein, menachem granat, moran dvelalevitt, Haim Rosen
reduction in maternal circulating ouabain impairs offspring growth and kidney development (2015)| Journal of The American Society of Nephrology| Read more
auryan szalat, boaz nachmias, david gillis, dror mevorach, eran leitersdorf, gabriel munter, michal shahar, ronen durst, Haim Rosen, shoshana shpitzen, Vardiella Meiner
calcium sensing receptor sequencing in 21 patients with idiopathic or familial parathyroid disorder pitfalls and characterization of a novel i32 v loss of function mutation (2015)| Endocrine| Read more
hagit cohenben ami, David Lichtstein, moran dvelalevitt, Haim Rosen, Esther Shohami
ouabain improves functional recovery following traumatic brain injury (2014)| Journal of Neurotrauma| Read more
anna krichevsky, Zvi Bar-Shavit, Haim Rosen, zvi barshavit
the enkephalinergic osteoblast (2009)| Journal of Bone and Mineral Research| Read more
dana galili, Joseph Deutsch, huang jang, David Lichtstein, nura mansur, ohad ilovich, Haim Rosen, tomer feldman, uri shpolansky
4 3 α15 β dihydroxy 5 β estran 17 β yl furan 2 methyl alcohol an anti digoxin agent with a novel mechanism of action (2006)| Journal of Medicinal Chemistry| Read more
cardenolides and bufadienolides as hormones what is missing ()| American Journal of Physiology-renal Physiology| Read more

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