Researcher interests: Transcriptional control of genes involved in sex steroid synthesis in the gonads and placenta. Proteolysis and protein quality control during mitochondria organellogenesis in steroidogenic cells.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

benjamin garfinkel, bogna ignatowskajankowska, catherine kaczorowski, Ami Citri, gerd kempermann, kristen oconnell, lynda wilmott, megan mulligan, Joseph Orly, robert williams, rupert overall, sarah neuner
systems genetics identifies hp1bp3 as a novel modulator of cognitive aging (2016)| Neurobiology of Aging| Read more
benjamin garfinkel, catherine kaczorowski, clifford rosen, michael gal, Joseph Orly, sarah neuner, shai netser, shiri arad, shlomo wagner, Hermona Soreq
hp1bp3 expression determines maternal behavior and offspring survival (2016)| Genes, Brain and Behavior| Read more
benjamin garfinkel, clifford rosen, michael bustin, Joseph Orly, phuong, shiri arad, Yankel Gabet
proportionate dwarfism in mice lacking heterochromatin protein 1 binding protein 3 hp1bp3 is associated with alterations in the endocrine igf 1 pathway (2015)| Endocrinology| Read more
Assaf Bahat, Amir Eden, ines lauria, naomi melamedbook, Joseph Orly, Sara Isaac, shira perlberg, thomas langer
transcriptional activation of lon gene by a new form of mitochondrial stress a role for the nuclear respiratory factor 2 in star overload response sor (2015)| Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology| Read more
benjamin garfinkel, eli anuka, michael bustin, naomi melamedbook, Joseph Orly
hp1bp3 is a novel histone h1 related protein with essential roles in viability and growth (2015)| Nucleic Acids Research| Read more
Assaf Bahat, ines lauria, naomi melamedbook, Joseph Orly, shira perlberg, thomas langer
star enhances transcription of genes encoding the mitochondrial proteases involved in its own degradation (2014)| Molecular Endocrinology| Read more
aravot, asher shainberg, benjamin garfinkel, edith hochhauser, elena chepurkol, eli anuka, naomi melamedbook, natalie yivgiohana, Joseph Orly, Sarah Eimerl, tova zinman
infarct induced steroidogenic acute regulatory protein a survival role in cardiac fibroblasts (2013)| Molecular Endocrinology| Read more
alexander bohla, ali onder yildirim, andreas zimmer, benny garfinkel, birgit rathkolb, cornelia prehn, dirk busch, eckhard wolf, helmut fuchs, huang, ildiko racz, ivan ovcharenko, jamie kugler, jerzy adamski, johannes beckers, juan antonio aguilarpimentel, lillian garrett, lore becker, marion horsch, mark rochman, markus ollert, martin hrabeňá angelis, michael bustin, oliver eickelberg, Joseph Orly, sabine lter, takashi furusawa, thomas klopstock, thure adler, tobias stoger, valerie gailusdurner, wolfgang wurst
high mobility group n proteins modulate the fidelity of the cellular transcriptional profile in a tissue and variant specific manner (2013)| Journal of Biological Chemistry| Read more
douglas stocco, eli anuka, michael gal, Joseph Orly
expression and roles of steroidogenic acute regulatory star protein in non classical extra adrenal and extra gonadal cells and tissues (2013)| Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology| Read more
amos oppenheim, Assaf Bahat, bin, Sergei Braun, carolyn suzuki, Zvi Granot, michael maurizi, naomi melamedbook, Oren Kobiler, Joseph Orly, Sarah Eimerl
turnover of mitochondrial steroidogenic acute regulatory star protein by lon protease the unexpected effect of proteasome inhibitors (2007)| Molecular Endocrinology| Read more
transcription of steroidogenic acute regulatory protein in the rodent ovary and placenta alternative modes of cyclic adenosine 3 5 monophosphate dependent and independent regulation ()| Endocrinology| Read more

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