Researcher interests: Bioactive lipid and lipoprotein components from the cell membrane of Mycoplasmas. Inactivation of mycoplasmas with preservation of structural integrity by targeting the hydrophobic domain of the cell membrane.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC
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Selected Publications

unique choline containing phosphoglycolipids in mycoplasma fermentans (2015)| Chemistry and Physics of Lipids| Read more
jonathan kornspan, maayan tsur, Mark Tarshis, Shlomo Rottem, talma brenner
mycoplasma hyorhinis induces proinflammatory responses in mice lymphocytes (2015)| Journal of Basic Microbiology| Read more
hazem atalla, Inna Lysnyansky, Shlomo Rottem, yossef raviv
mycoplasma gallisepticum inactivated by targeting the hydrophobic domain of the membrane preserves surface lipoproteins and induces a strong immune response (2015)| PLOS ONE| Read more
jonathan kornspan, ran nirpaz, Shlomo Rottem
cardiolipin synthetase is involved in antagonistic interaction reverse camp phenomenon of mycoplasma species with staphylococcus aureus beta hemolysis (2014)| Journal of Clinical Microbiology| Read more
Hagai Rechnitzer, richard herrmann, Shlomo Rottem
reconstitution of an active arginine deiminase pathway in mycoplasma pneumoniae m129 (2013)| Infection and Immunity| Read more
isaac ginsburg, jonathan kornspan, Shlomo Rottem
the oxidant scavenging capacity of the oral mycoplasma salivarium (2013)| Archives of Oral Biology| Read more
jonathan kornspan, Shlomo Rottem
phospholipase a and glycerophosphodiesterase activities in the cell membrane of mycoplasma hyorhinis (2012)| Fems Microbiology Letters| Read more
esther elkind, jonathan kornspan, nechama kosower, Shlomo Rottem, sivia barnoy, tali vaisid
calpastatin upregulation in mycoplasma hyorhinis infected cells is promoted by the mycoplasma lipoproteins via the nf κb pathway (2012)| Cellular Microbiology| Read more
jonathan kornspan, nechama kosower, Shlomo Rottem
contamination of tissue cultures by mycoplasmas (2012)| | Read more
jonathan kornspan, Shlomo Rottem
the phospholipid profile of mycoplasmas (2012)| Journal of Lipids| Read more

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