Researcher interests: Clinical nutrition: immigration as a factor in food intake habits; body weight, energy metabolism, glucose and lipid metabolism as by undernutrition followed by overnutrition. Seed proteins (mainly amaranth seeds) in human nutrition. Protease inhibitors. Clinical nutrition care process. Indirect calorimetry in practice setting.
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Selected Publications

LIORA GVION, Naomi Trostler
From Spaghetti and Meatballs through Hawaiian Pizza to Sushi: The Changing Nature of Ethnicity in American Restaurants (2008)| Wiley Online Library | Read more
Esther F. Myers, Linda G. Snetselaar, Naomi Trostler
Description of Practice Characteristics and Professional Activities of Dietetics Practice-Based Research Network Members (2008)| jandonline| Read more
Gvion Liora, Naomi Trostler
Trends in Restaurant Menus: 1950-2000 (2007)| nutrition today online| Read more

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