Researcher interests: Toll-Like Receptors and TLR signaling pathways in oral inflammation.How oral infection promotes systemic inflammatory conditions such as atherosclerosis. TLR signaling in autoimmune disease. TLR signaling in vaccine development.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Dental Medicine

Selected Publications

adi schumacherklinger, Chaim Gilon, Amnon Hoffman, Gabriel Nussbaum, shira dishon
myristoylation confers oral bioavailability and improves the bioactivity of c myd 4 4 a cyclic peptide inhibitor of myd88 (2019)| Molecular Pharmaceutics| Read more
asaf zigron, david polak, Lior Shapira, luba eliberchoer, Gabriel Nussbaum
myd88 plays a major role in the keratinocyte response to infection with porphyromonas gingivalis (2019)| Journal of Periodontal Research| Read more
adi schumacher, alaa talhami, dimitrios karussis, Chaim Gilon, Amnon Hoffman, ibrahim kassis, joseph fanous, Gabriel Nussbaum, shira dishon
development of a novel backbone cyclic peptide inhibitor of the innate immune tlr il1r signaling protein myd88 (2018)| Scientific Reports| Read more
aharon palmon, asaf wilensky, Lior Shapira, Gabriel Nussbaum, omer fleissig, rinat tzachnahman, rizan nashef
oral fibroblasts modulate the macrophage response to bacterial challenge (2017)| Scientific Reports| Read more
carsten kirschning, elia burns, george hajishengallis, hasnaa makkawi, kavita hosur, Gabriel Nussbaum, shifra hoch
porphyromonas gingivalis stimulates tlr2 pi3k signaling to escape immune clearance and induce bone resorption independently of myd88 (2017)| Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology| Read more
dong, feng shao, meirav hyams, naama katsowich, Gabriel Nussbaum, Ilan Rosenshine, shir sharon, shira dishon, Simi Kobi, yael litvak, zhang
epithelial cells detect functional type iii secretion system of enteropathogenic escherichia coli through a novel nf κb signaling pathway (2017)| PLOS Pathogens| Read more
backbone cyclized inhibitory peptides of myeloid differentiation factor 88 myd88 (2017)| | Read more
irun cohen, Gabriel Nussbaum, shira dishon, Shmuel Cohen
inhibition of myeloid differentiation factor 88 reduces human and mouse t cell interleukin 17 and ifnγ production and ameliorates experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis induced in mice (2017)| Frontiers in Immunology| Read more
adi binder gallimidi, Amichay Meirovitz, barak weizman, Michael Elkin, esther hermano, Israel Vlodavsky, jorn karhausen, martin gotte, Gabriel Nussbaum
syndecan 1 deficiency promotes tumor growth in a murine model of colitis induced colon carcinoma (2017)| PLOS ONE| Read more
asaf wilensky, avihai hovav, Tal Burstyn-Cohen, Eran Elinav, gabriel mizraji, gili zilbermanschapira, herve bercovier, maria nassar, meirav pevsnerfischer, Gabriel Nussbaum, oded heyman, tal burstyncohen, tal capucha, tsipora nir, yaara tabib
gas6 is a key homeostatic immunological regulator of host commensal interactions in the oral mucosa (2017)| Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America| Read more
adi binder gallimidi, alina maliutina, ariel rubinstein, brurya revach, Michael Elkin, Gabriel Nussbaum, raanan bulvik, stuart fischman
periodontal pathogens porphyromonas gingivalis and fusobacterium nucleatum promote tumor progression in an oral specific chemical carcinogenesis model (2015)| Oncotarget| Read more
Herve (Hillel) Bercovier, herve bercovier, hila amirkroll, irun cohen, lea eisenbach, Mati Fridkin, meirav pevsnerfischer, michal cohensfady, michal stolarskybennun, Noam Cohen, Gabriel Nussbaum, raanan margalit, steffen jung
pneumococcal capsular polysaccharide is immunogenic when present on the surface of macrophages and dendritic cells tlr4 signaling induced by a conjugate vaccine or by lipopolysaccharide is conducive (2008)| Journal of Immunology| Read more
porphyromonas gingivalis promotes unrestrained type i interferon production by dysregulating tam signaling via myd88 degradation ()| Cell Reports| Read more

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