Researcher interests: Cellular metabolism of GPI anchored proteins. The cellular and molecular biology of prion diseases. Amyloidoses.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC
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Selected Publications

adriano aguzzi, alex raeber, andreas mullerschiffmann, bjorn schroeder, byron calgua, carsten korth, chiara zurzolo, eva mitrova, franziska kuhn, giuseppe legname, godsave, inga zerr, jesus requena, jose antonio del rio, juan carlos espinosa, juan maria torres, karen brown, klaus roth, krister kristensson, lothar stitz, ludwig hoelzle, mario nuvolone, marion simmons, matthias schmitz, michael knittler, neil mabbott, olivier andreoletti, patricia aguilarcalvo, paul laeven, peter peters, reinhard bohm, rosina girones, sylvie benestad, Albert Taraboulos, tiziana sonati, zhengxin yan
the priority position paper protecting europe s food chain from prions (2016)| Prion| Read more
eyal zcharia, Israel Vlodavsky, itay shafat, kovalchuk benzaken, matzger, nissan, tal, Albert Taraboulos, tzaban
transgenic over expression of mammalian heparanase delays prion disease onset and progression (2015)| Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications| Read more
alexander rouvinski, inbar gahalisass, israel nissan, kirill makedonski, Albert Taraboulos, yuval tal
methylphenidate prolongs symptom free period of experimental prion disease in mice (2015)| Journal of the Neurological Sciences| Read more
alexander rouvinski, carsten korth, dulce papygarcia, gabriela warburg, george carlson, janine kutzsche, katarina luhr, krister kristensson, maria kounin, miri goldberg, peter peters, Roman Lyakhovetsky, sanaa moussa, sharon karniely, susan godsave, Albert Taraboulos
live imaging of prions reveals nascent prpsc in cell surface raft associated amyloid strings and webs (2014)| Journal of Cell Biology| Read more
alexis brice, asaf tashma, Avraham Shaag, chaim jalas, klaus kaestner, lois greene, orly elpeleg, shamir zenvirt, Simon Edvardson, suzanne lesage, Albert Taraboulos, yangin yim, yuval cinnamon
a deleterious mutation in dnajc6 encoding the neuronal specific clathrin uncoating co chaperone auxilin is associated with juvenile parkinsonism (2012)| PLOS ONE| Read more
asaf tashma, Avraham Shaag, memet aker, Michael Weintraub, orly elpeleg, Alexander Rouvinski, saar hashavia, shamir zenvirt, shoshana israel, Albert Taraboulos, zvi barshavit
an snx10 mutation causes malignant osteopetrosis of infancy (2012)| Journal of Medical Genetics| Read more
alexander rouvinski, dana wolf, Alik Honigman, Jacob Weinstein, miri goldberg, Sunwen Chou, Albert Taraboulos, Vera Shinder
human cytomegalovirus ul97 kinase and nonkinase functions mediate viral cytoplasmic secondary envelopment (2011)| Journal of Virology| Read more
katarina luhr, krister kristensson, peter low, Albert Taraboulos, tomas bergman
prion adsorption to stainless steel is promoted by nickel and molybdenum (2009)| Journal of General Virology| Read more
Ruth Gabizon, gilmor keshet, haim ovadia, Albert Taraboulos
scrapie infected mice and prp knockout mice share abnormal localization and activity of neuronal nitric oxide synthase (2008)| Journal of Neurochemistry| Read more
alexander rouvinski, dana wolf, Alik Honigman, maysa azzeh, Albert Taraboulos
structural changes in human cytomegalovirus cytoplasmic assembly sites in the absence of ul97 kinase activity (2006)| Virology| Read more
polysaccharide oligoamine conjugates as anti amyloid and anti viral agents (2006)| | Read more

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