Researcher interests: Rain and cloud physics. Precipitation formation processes, with special emphasis on the cloud-aerosol interactions; precipitation enhancement; remote sensing of clouds and precipitation. Rainfall measurements from space. Radar hydrometeorology.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

chuanfeng zhao, daoyi gong, fang zhang, huan li, huijun wang, jianjun liu, jianping guo, jianping huang, jiming li, jinyuan xin, Jiwen Fan, maureen cribb, mengjiao jiang, Daniel Rosenfeld, seoung soo lee, siyu shan, xin yan, xin yang, xiquan dong, xiuqun yang, yele sun, yiquan jiang, youtong zheng, yuan wang, yun qian, zhanqing li
east asian study of tropospheric aerosols and their impact on regional clouds precipitation and climate east aircpc (2019)| Journal of Geophysical Research| Read more
alexander v ryzhkov, dusan s zrnic, earle williams, jeffrey c snyder, jiaxi hu, pengfei zhang, renyi zhang, richard weitz, Daniel Rosenfeld
polarimetric radar convective cell tracking reveals large sensitivity of cloud precipitation and electrification properties to ccn (2019)| Journal of Geophysical Research| Read more
alexander v ryzhkov, dusan s zrnic, earle r williams, eyal hashimshoni, jeffrey c snyder, jiaxi hu, pengfei zhang, renyi zhang, richard weitz, Daniel Rosenfeld
tracking and characterization of convective cells through their maturation into stratiform storm elements using polarimetric radar and lightning detection (2019)| Atmospheric Research| Read more
a khain, jacob shpund, Daniel Rosenfeld
effects of sea spray on microphysics and intensity of deep convective clouds under strong winds (2019)| Journal of Geophysical Research| Read more
bernhard mayer, christiane voigt, christoph knote, christoph mahnke, christopher pohlker, florian ewald, manfred wendisch, meinrat o andreae, mira l pohlker, pascal polonik, r weigel, Daniel Rosenfeld, sergej molleker, thomas klimach, tina jurkatwitschas, tobias kolling, tobias zinner, ulrich poschl
the challenge of simulating the sensitivity of the amazonian cloudsmicrostructure to cloud condensation nuclei number concentrations (2019)| Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics| Read more
alessandro toffoli, andre welti, andrea baccarini, avichay efraim, christian tatzelt, conor bolas, fiona tummon, frank stratmann, franziska aemisegger, heini wernli, iris thurnherr, jill s johnson, josef dommen, julia schmale, k s carslaw, katrianne lehtipalo, leighton a regayre, markus hartmann, martin gyselbeer, martin schnaiter, marzieh derkani, n r p harris, nicolas bukowiecki, robin l modini, Daniel Rosenfeld, s henning, sebastian landwehr, urs baltensperger
overview of the antarctic circumnavigation expedition study of preindustrial like aerosols and their climate effects ace space (2019)| Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society| Read more
Daniel Rosenfeld, yannian zhu, youtong zheng, zhanqing li
satellite based estimation of cloud top radiative cooling rate for marine stratocumulus (2019)| Geophysical Research Letters| Read more
minghuai wang, Daniel Rosenfeld, shaocai yu, tom goren, yannian zhu, youtong zheng
aerosol driven droplet concentrations dominate coverage and water of oceanic low level clouds (2019)| Science| Read more
amir givati, dror paz, guillaume thirel, Daniel Rosenfeld
climate change impacts on streamflow at the upper jordan river based on an ensemble of regional climate models (2019)| Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies| Read more
alexander v ryzhkov, ann m fridlind, marcus van lierwalqui, mark h picel, pengfei zhang, richard e orville, richard weitz, robert jackson, Daniel Rosenfeld, scott collis, scott e giangrande, toshihisa matsui, xiaowen li
use of polarimetric radar measurements to constrain simulated convective cell evolution a pilot study with lagrangian tracking (2019)| Atmospheric Measurement Techniques| Read more

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