Researcher interests: Rain and cloud physics. Precipitation formation processes, with special emphasis on the cloud-aerosol interactions; precipitation enhancement; remote sensing of clouds and precipitation. Rainfall measurements from space. Radar hydrometeorology.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

Daniel Rosenfeld, yannian zhu, youtong zheng, zhanqing
satellite based estimation of cloud top radiative cooling rate for marine stratocumulus (2019)| Geophysical Research Letters| Read more
jacob shpund, khain, Daniel Rosenfeld
effects of sea spray on the dynamics and microphysics of an idealized tropical cyclone (2019)| Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences| Read more
eric lichtfouse, john seinfeld, khalid mehmood, kiran alapaty, liqiang wang, pengfei, ping guo, Daniel Rosenfeld, shaocai, weiping liu, xing, xue chen, yannian zhu, zhen
high altitude and long range transport of aerosols causing regional severe haze during extreme dust storms explains why afforestation does not prevent storms (2019)| Environmental Chemistry Letters| Read more
eyal hashimshoni, guihua liu, jin dai, oliver lauer, Daniel Rosenfeld, xiaohong, xing, yannian zhu, ying hui, zhiguo yue
automated mapping of convective clouds amcc thermodynamical microphysical and ccn properties from snpp viirs satellite data (2019)| Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology| Read more
minghuai wang, Daniel Rosenfeld, shaocai, tom goren, yannian zhu, youtong zheng
aerosol driven droplet concentrations dominate coverage and water of oceanic low level clouds (2019)| Science| Read more
amir givati, dror paz, guillaume thirel, Daniel Rosenfeld
climate change impacts on streamflow at the upper jordan river based on an ensemble of regional climate models (2019)| Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies| Read more
alexander ryzhkov, ann fridlind, marcus van lierwalqui, mark picel, pengfei zhang, richard orville, richard weitz, robert jackson, Daniel Rosenfeld, scott collis, scott giangrande, toshihisa matsui, xiaowen
use of polarimetric radar measurements to constrain simulated convective cell evolution a pilot study with lagrangian tracking (2019)| Atmospheric Measurement Techniques Discussions| Read more
Amir Sandler, assaf zipori, daniel knopf, Yigal Erel, naama reicher, Daniel Rosenfeld, yinon rudich
the role of secondary ice processes in midlatitude continental clouds (2018)| Journal of Geophysical Research| Read more
the relationships between cloud top radiative cooling rates surface latent heat fluxes and cloud base heights in marine stratocumulus ()| Journal of Geophysical Research| Read more
remote sensing of droplet number concentration in warm clouds a review of the current state of knowledge and perspectives ()| Reviews of Geophysics| Read more
estimating the decoupling degree of subtropical marine stratocumulus decks from satellite ()| Geophysical Research Letters| Read more

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