Researcher interests: Developmental biology: cell migration, intracellular localization of RNA in oocytes and embryos, formation of embryonic axes. Cell and molecular biology: intracellular RNA localization in somatic cells, regulation of mRNAs by VICKZ proteins, generation and use of aptamers for targeting cell surface antigens and small molecules. Cancer biology: role of VICKZ proteins in cancer progression and metastasis.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC
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Selected Publications

avner yeffet, froma oberman, Inbal Mishalian, miriam krumbein, nathan schiffmann, Eli Pikarsky, yifat barzakay rosenfeld, Joel Yisraeli, zvi fridlender
vickz1 enhances tumor progression and metastasis in lung adenocarcinomas in mice (2019)| Oncogene| Read more
dalit seladonenfeld, froma oberman, Chaya Kalcheim, michal shoshkes carmel, Nitza Kahane, rachel miloslavski, Joel Yisraeli
a novel role for vickz proteins in maintaining epithelial integrity during embryogenesis (2015)| PLOS ONE| Read more
froma oberman, malka berman, nava ginzach, rachel miloslavski, yael maizels, Joel Yisraeli
localization of cofilin mrna to the leading edge of migrating cells promotes directed cell migration (2015)| Journal of Cell Science| Read more
Arild Holth, Ben Davidson, claes trope, ellen hellesylt, Reuven Reich, yifat barzakay rosenfeld, Joel Yisraeli
vickz2 protein expression in ovarian serous carcinoma effusions is associated with poor survival (2014)| Human Pathology| Read more
Adrianna Kalous, christine holt, james stake, Joel Yisraeli
rna binding protein vg1rbp regulates terminal arbor formation but not long range axon navigation in the developing visual system (2014)| Developmental Neurobiology| Read more
interior cell design vickz proteins mediate rna localization and cell function (2012)| | Read more
froma oberman, Gilad Vainer, pikarsky, Eli Pikarsky, robert singer, shailesh shenoy, vainermosse, yeffet, Joel Yisraeli
a role for vickz proteins in the progression of colorectal carcinomas regulating lamellipodia formation (2008)| The Journal of Pathology| Read more
ariel rubinstein, froma oberman, kinneret rand, yael maizels, Joel Yisraeli
vickz proteins mediate cell migration via their rna binding activity (2007)| RNA| Read more
kinneret rand, Joel Yisraeli
vg1 rna localization in oocytes in the absence of xvickz3 rna binding activity (2007)| Differentiation| Read more
anne hammer, gail amir, Gilad Vainer, izidore lossos, Jun Chen, Eli Pikarsky, robert marinelli, ronald levy, Shuchun Zhao, stephen hamiltondutoit, Yasodha Natkunam, Joel Yisraeli
expression of the rna binding protein vickz in normal hematopoietic tissues and neoplasms (2007)| Haematologica| Read more

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