Researcher interests: DNA, molecular biophysics. Molecular electronics, single molecular wires and switches. Mesoscopic physics, quantum transport. Scanning probe microscopy. Nanoscience and nanotechnology.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science

Selected Publications

Natalia Borovok, Danny Porath, Tatiana Molotsky
Efficient procedure of preparation and properties of long uniform G4–DNA nanowires (2008)| ScienceDirect| Read more
Abraham Koster, Alevtyna Yukashevska, Arie Altman, Amnon Wolf, Hezy Cohen, Ira Marton, Izhar Medalsy, Mukhles Sowwan, Or Dgany, Orna Almog, Danny Porath, Sharon G. Wolf, Oded Shoseyov , Yehonathan Pouny
SP1 Protein-Based Nanostructures and Arrays (2008)| ACS publication| Read more

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