Researcher interests: The T cell receptor (TCR) signaling molecules; regulating mechanisms controlling their expression and function in T cells. Chronic inflammation and cancer.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC

Selected Publications

Michal Baniyash, kerem benmeir, nira twaik
plasticity and biological diversity of myeloid derived suppressor cells (2018)| Current Opinion in Immunology| Read more
Michal Baniyash, eliran ish shalom, olga mizrahi, yair klieger
quantitative flow cytometry concerns and recommendations in clinic and research (2018)| Cytometry Part B-clinical Cytometry| Read more
a burra, a khammari, a m di giacomo, alexander m m eggermont, ana c anderson, andrea cavalcanti, andressa l sodre, aurelien marabelle, b balme, b dreno, Michal Baniyash, benjamin weide, byoung s kwon, caroline flament, christophe borg, connie p m duong, david m woods, david p enot, dirk schadendorf, f aubin, g tomasic, guido kroemer, henrik schmidt, ignacio melero, inge marie svane, jeffrey s weber, laurence zitvogel, lawrence fong, lieping chen, m b hansen, maha ayyoub, maria paula roberti, mark j smyth, meriem messaoudene, michal lotem, michele maio, mitchell p levesque, moshe sadefeldman, nicolas jacquelot, nils ternes, o beatrix, reinhard dummer, s dalle, s s kwek, sarah jegou, stefan michiels, sylvie rusakiewicz, vijay k kuchroo, y koguchi, yaron meirow
predictors of responses to immune checkpoint blockade in advanced melanoma (2017)| Nature Communications| Read more
Michal Baniyash, Julia Kanterman, michal lotem, moshe sadefeldman
methods for predicting and monitoring cancer patients response to treatment by measuring myeloid derived suppressor cells mdscs (2017)| | Read more
Michal Baniyash, yaron meirow
immune biomarkers for chronic inflammation related complications in non cancerous and cancerous diseases (2017)| Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy| Read more
amijai saragovi, Michal Baniyash, eliran ishshalom, hani shtainberg, Julia Kanterman, michal lotem, mizrahi olga, moshe sadefeldman, yair klieger
clinical significance of circulating cd33 cd11b hla dr myeloid cells in patients with stage iv melanoma treated with ipilimumab (2016)| Clinical Cancer Research| Read more
myeloid derived suppressor cells as intruders and targets clinical implications in cancer therapy (2016)| Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy| Read more
ayala hubert, Michal Baniyash, efrat shema, hadas ashkenazi, hana boocholez, ioannis s pateras, Julia Kanterman, moshe oren, ohad tarcic, Eli Pikarsky, ron rotkopf, tomer cooks, vassilis g gorgoulis
rnf20 links histone h2b ubiquitylation with inflammation and inflammation associated cancer (2016)| Cell Reports| Read more
Michal Baniyash, eliran ishshalom, Julia Kanterman, lynn wang, moshe sadefeldman, olga mizrahi, yair klieger, yaron meirow
impaired snx9 expression in immune cells during chronic inflammation prognostic and diagnostic implications (2016)| Journal of Immunology| Read more
Michal Baniyash, Julia Kanterman, yaron meirow
paving the road to tumor development and spreading myeloid derived suppressor cells are ruling the fate (2015)| Frontiers in Immunology| Read more

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