Researcher interests: Metabolomics; metabolic shifts during development and the regulation of developmental processes by metabolic shifts. Stem cell metabolism. Cell-specific metabolic analysis.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC
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Selected Publications

Daniel Kitsberg, Gahl Levy, Michal Zimerman, Arieh Moussaieff, Yishai Avior
Microbial‐derived lithocholic acid and vitamin K2 drive the metabolic maturation of pluripotent stem cells–derived and fetal hepatocytes (2015)| AASLD| Read more
Daniel Kitsberg, Matthieu Rouleau, Arieh Moussaieff
Glycolysis-Mediated Changes in Acetyl-CoA and Histone Acetylation Control the Early Differentiation of Embryonic Stem Cells (2015)| ScienceDirect| Read more
Alex Straiker, Arieh Moussaieff, Neta Rimmerman, Tatiana Bregman
Incensole acetate, an incense component, elicits psychoactivity by activating TRPV3 channels in the brain (2008)| FASEB JOURNAL| Read more

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