Researcher interests: Near Eastern crop evolution. Genetic basis of adaptation in dryland grain grain crops. Plant-pathogen co-evolution. Genetic basis of chickpea nutritional quality.
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Selected Publications

Shahal Abbo, clarice coyne, deus mugabe, doreen main, erik landry, george vandemark, hongbin zhang, julia piaskowski, ping zheng, rebecca mcgee
quantitative trait loci for cold tolerance in chickpea (2019)| Crop Science| Read more
Shahal Abbo, amir sherman, Avi Gopher, clare coyne, george vandemark, hongbin zhang, Zohar Kerem, ofer reany, Zvi Peleg, ruth pinhasi vanoss, simcha levyadun
independent selection for seed free tryptophan content and vernalization response in chickpea domestication (2018)| Plant Breeding| Read more
Shahal Abbo, Avi Gopher
near eastern plant domestication a history of thought (2017)| Trends in Plant Science| Read more
Shahal Abbo, Ram Reifen, shimrit barel dadon
leveraging traditional crops for better nutrition and health the case of chickpea (2017)| Trends in Food Science and Technology| Read more
Shahal Abbo, gopher, levyadun
the domestication of crop plants (2017)| Encyclopedia of Applied Plant Sciences (Second Edition)| Read more
Shahal Abbo, ada rosen, amir sherman, erez naimfeil, gregoire aubert, maya toren, Mor Rubinstein, ravit eshed, ron ophir, Yehoshua Saranga
drought response and genetic diversity in pisum fulvum a wild relative of domesticated pea (2017)| Crop Science| Read more
Shahal Abbo, bornstein, golani, omer frenkel, shtienberg, shulhani
prevalence development and significance of ascochyta blight caused by peyronellaea pinodes in pisum elatius populations growing in natural ecosystems (2016)| Phytopathology| Read more
Shahal Abbo, amir sherman, golani, omer frenkel, shtienberg
the temperature response and aggressiveness of peyronellaea pinodes isolates originating from wild and domesticated pisum sp in israel (2016)| Phytopathology| Read more
Shahal Abbo, amir sherman, clarice coyne, george vandemark, hongbin zhang, ruth pinhasi vanoss
vernalization response of domesticated wild chickpea progeny is subject to strong genotype by environment interaction (2016)| Plant Breeding| Read more
the search for wild relatives of cool season legumes ()| | Read more

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