Dean of students and and psychobiology area coordi
Researcher interests: The effects of exogenous and endogenous opiates on immune function. The effects of postoperative pain management on the immune system in the first few days following surgery. The involvement of cytokines in pain sensitivity, in the normal non-diseased state, and during inflammatory conditions.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Social Sciences
DEPARTMENT: Psychology
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Selected Publications

the transition from naive to primed nociceptive state a novel wind up protocol in mice (2016)| Experimental Neurology| Read more
kenner rice, linda watkins, mark hutchinson, peter grace, Yehuda Shavit, steven maier
exploring the neuroimmunopharmacology of opioids an integrative review of mechanisms of central immune signaling and their implications for opioid analgesia (2011)| Pharmacological Reviews| Read more
brenner, fridel, gilly wolf, meilin, nasaev, Yehuda Shavit
peripheral chronic inflammatory pain and morphine analgesia involvement of interleukin 1 (2010)| Brain Behavior and Immunity| Read more
involvement of il 1 and nmda receptors in central sensitization induced by a modified wind up protocol (2010)| Brain Behavior and Immunity| Read more
benzion beilin, Dina Livshits, gilly wolf, Yehuda Shavit, Raz Yirmiya
interleukin 1 signaling is required for induction and maintenance of postoperative incisional pain genetic and pharmacological studies in mice (2008)| Brain Behavior and Immunity| Read more
benzion beilin, berta butin, eduard mayburd, galina grinevich, Dan Hoofien, inbal gral, ravit poran, Yehuda Shavit
comparison of two patient controlled analgesia techniques on neuropsychological functioning in the immediate postoperative period (2008)| Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology| Read more
abraham reichenberg, benzion beilin, dan seror, eldad posner, galina grinevich, hanna bessler, irit shapiralichter, keren ofek, michal gruberger, Yehuda Shavit, Hermona Soreq, Raz Yirmiya
cytokines and cholinergic signals co modulate surgical stress induced changes in mood and memory (2008)| Brain Behavior and Immunity| Read more
annemieke kavelaars, cobi jacoba johanna heijnen, Eran Gabay, gilly wolf, jitske zijlstra, nadav ziv, Yehuda Shavit, Michael Tal, Wendy Kleibeuker, Raz Yirmiya
il 1β signaling is required for mechanical allodynia induced by nerve injury and for the ensuing reduction in spinal cord neuronal grk2 (2008)| Brain Behavior and Immunity| Read more
benzion beilin, eduard mayburd, galina grinevich, hanna bessler, israel zeev yardeni, Yehuda Shavit
comparison of postoperative pain management techniques on endocrine response to surgery a randomised controlled trial (2007)| International Journal of Surgery| Read more
gilly wolf, Inbal Goshen, Yehuda Shavit, stephen poole, Tirzah Kreisel, weidenfeld, Raz Yirmiya
interleukin 1 signaling modulates stress induced analgesia (2007)| Brain Behavior and Immunity| Read more

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