Researcher interests: Image processing. Numerical computing. Computer graphics.
DEPARTMENT: Computer Science

Selected Publications

Single image dehazing (2011)| ACM digital library| Read more
Raanan Fattal, Gilad Freedman
Image and video upscaling from local self-examples (2011)| ACM digital library| Read more
Raanan Fattal, Daniel Lischinski, Richard Szeliski, Zeev Farbman
Edge-preserving decompositions for multi-scale tone and detail manipulation (2008)| ACM digital library| Read more

Success Stories & related Product & PR

Yissum Licenses Cutting Edge Technology for Enhanced Digital Image Processing to Adobe Systems

The technology, invented by Dr. Raanan Fattal from the Hebrew University's School of Computer Science and Engineering, is called Edge Avoiding Wavelets and it enables better and faster detail enhancement and preserves edges when sharpening...


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