Researcher interests: Image processing. Numerical computing. Computer graphics.
DEPARTMENT: Computer Science

Selected Publications

object partitioning for support free 3d printing (2019)| Computer Graphics Forum| Read more
Raanan Fattal, inbar huberman
reducing lateral visual biases in displays (2016)| Computer Graphics Forum| Read more
Raanan Fattal, inbar huberman
detecting repeating objects using patch correlation analysis (2016)| 2016 IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)| Read more
method and system for dehazing natural images using color lines (2015)| | Read more
dehazing using color lines (2014)| ACM Transactions on Graphics| Read more
Raanan Fattal, itamar glatzer, matan sulami, Michael Werman
automatic recovery of the atmospheric light in hazy images (2014)| 2014 IEEE International Conference on Computational Photography (ICCP)| Read more
dilip krishnan, Raanan Fattal, Richard Szeliski
efficient preconditioning of laplacian matrices for computer graphics (2013)| international conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques| Read more
applying rapid numerical approximation of convolutions with filters for image processing purposes (2012)| | Read more
Raanan Fattal, floraine berthouzoz
resolution enhancement by vibrating displays (2012)| ACM Transactions on Graphics| Read more
method and system for performing computer graphic simulation of a fluid using target driven control (2005)| | Read more
system and method for compressing the dynamic range of an image (2003)| | Read more

Success Stories & related Product & PR

Yissum Licenses Cutting Edge Technology for Enhanced Digital Image Processing to Adobe Systems

The technology, invented by Dr. Raanan Fattal from the Hebrew University's School of Computer Science and Engineering, is called Edge Avoiding Wavelets and it enables better and faster detail enhancement and preserves edges when sharpening...


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