Researcher interests: Quantitative genetics; theoretical and practical aspects of genotype-by-environment (GxE) interactions in meat-type chickens (broilers); breeding for sustainability by improving adaptation of broilers to sub-optimal conditions through genetic manipulation of metabolic, physiological and immunological functions; utilization of DNA markers in quantitative genetics studies and in practical breeding.
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Selected Publications

Avigdor Cahaner, Orna Halevy, Yair Hadad
Featherless and feathered broilers under control versus hot conditions. 2. Breast muscle development and growth in pre- and posthatch periods (2014)| oxford academic| Read more
Avigdor Cahaner, Danny Ben-Avraham, Jossi Hillel, Kirsty L Wells, Yair Hadad
Genome-wide SNP scan of pooled DNA reveals nonsense mutation in FGF20 in the scaleless line of featherless chickens (2011)| BMC| Read more
Avigdor Cahaner, Gil Atzmon, Marc Feldman, Shula Blum
QTLs Detected in a Multigenerational Resource Chicken Population (2008)| oxford academic| Read more

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