Researcher interests: Beneficial natural products in edible plants (the “seven species“): extraction, separation and characterization. Natural antioxidants: structure-activity relationships. Natural products from legumes: production, identification and biological activities. Environmental quality and the food industry.
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Selected Publications

adi nudel, Zohar Kerem, yelena guttman
polymorphism in cytochrome p450 3a4 is ethnicity related (2019)| Frontiers in Genetics| Read more
Shahal Abbo, amir sherman, Avi Gopher, clare coyne, george vandemark, hongbin zhang, Zohar Kerem, ofer reany, Zvi Peleg, ruth pinhasi vanoss, simcha levyadun
independent selection for seed free tryptophan content and vernalization response in chickpea domestication (2018)| Plant Breeding| Read more
Arnon Dag, barazani, erik westberg, joachim kadereit, Zohar Kerem, michael dorman, mohammed hamidat, thameen hijawi, yizhar tugendhaft, yoni waitz
testing the potential significance of different scion rootstock genotype combinations on the ecology of old cultivated olive trees in the southeast mediterranean area (2017)| BMC Ecology| Read more
adi nudel, elyashiv drori, Zohar Kerem, konstantin rozenberg, nir skalka, rachela oppenheimer, tovit rosenzweig, uriel elyasiyan
anti diabetic activity of aerial parts of sarcopoterium spinosum (2017)| BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine| Read more
Zohar Kerem, keren schultz, loai basheer, yelena guttman
in silico and in vitro inhibition of cytochrome p450 3a by synthetic stilbenoids (2017)| Food Chemistry| Read more
Elisabetta Boaretto, Zohar Kerem, lior regev, yael ehrlich
radiocarbon dating of an olive tree cross section new insights on growth patterns and implications for age estimation of olive trees (2017)| Frontiers in Plant Science| Read more
alexandra kerenkeiserman, Arnon Dag, barazani, erik westberg, giora benari, joachim kadereit, Zohar Kerem, nir hanin, ori fragmansapir, yizhar tugendhaft
genetic variation of naturally growing olive trees in israel from abandoned groves to feral and wild (2016)| BMC Plant Biology| Read more
adi doronfaigenboim, Zohar Kerem, kumar lama, moshe flaishman, shira milocochavi, yardena dahan, yogev rosianski, zohar freiman
tissue specific transcriptome and hormonal regulation of pollinated and parthenocarpic fig ficus carica l fruit suggest that fruit ripening is coordinated by the reproductive part of the syconium (2016)| Frontiers in Plant Science| Read more
abraham sztejnberg, Itzhak Bilkis, Zohar Kerem, uri gerson, zahi paz
argovin a novel natural product secreted by the fungus meira argovae is antagonistic to mites (2011)| Entomologia Experimentalis Et Applicata| Read more
Zohar Kerem, Naama Karu, Ram Reifen
weight gain reduction in mice fed panax ginseng saponin a pancreatic lipase inhibitor ()| Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry| Read more
Zohar Kerem, moshe flaishman, shira milo cochavi, yogev rosianski, zeev yablovitz, zohar freiman
advanced analysis of developmental and ripening characteristics of pollinated common type fig ficus carica l ()| Scientia Horticulturae| Read more
Arnon Dag, guy harlev, isaac zipori, Zohar Kerem, Shimon Lavee
optimizing olive harvest time under hot climatic conditions of jordan valley israel ()| European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology| Read more
fernandez, Zohar Kerem, riccardo gucci, sebastiani
physiological responses to abiotic stresses ()| COMPENDIUM OF PLANT GENOMES| Read more

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