Researcher interests: Systems Biology of Transcription and Chromatin, Transcription regulation, Chromatin modifications, systematic yeast genetics.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science

Selected Publications

Avital Klien, Ayelet Rahat, Nir Friedman, Luis Soares, Mohanram Gudipati
Systematic Dissection of Roles for Chromatin Regulators in a Yeast Stress Response (2012)| Plos Biology| Read more
Dawn A. Thompson, Nir Friedman, Moran Yassour, Nicholas Rhind, Zehua Chen
Comparative Functional Genomics of the Fission Yeasts (2011)| SCIENCE| Read more
Avi Pfeffer, Aviv Regev, Nir Friedman, Ilan Wapinski
Natural history and evolutionary principles of gene duplication in fungi (2007)| nature international journal of science| Read more

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