Researcher interests: Nutritional physiology of poultry. Cellular and molecular processes during the development of the small intestine. Aspects of feed manipulations in order to control body weight or to improve meat quality.
DEPARTMENT: Animal Sciences
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Selected Publications

masha y niv, naama reicher, shira l cheledshoval, Zehava Uni, z uni
detecting thresholds for bitter umami and sweet tastants in broiler chicken using a 2 choice test method (2017)| Poultry Science| Read more
antonella di pizio, ayelet korb, maik behrens, masha y niv, shira l cheledshoval, Zehava Uni, wolfgang meyerhof, z uni
from cell to beak in vitro and in vivo characterization of chicken bitter taste thresholds (2017)| Molecules| Read more
a finger, b perelman, m e ifrah, Zehava Uni, z uni
the role of the bursa of fabricius in the immune response to vaccinal antigens and the development of immune tolerance in chicks gallus domesticus vaccinated at a very young age (2017)| Poultry Science| Read more
s druyan, shira l cheledshoval, Zehava Uni, z uni
bitter sweet and umami taste receptors and downstream signaling effectors expression in embryonic and growing chicken gastrointestinal tract (2015)| Poultry Science| Read more
maik behrens, masha y niv, shira l cheledshoval, Zehava Uni, wolfgang meyerhof, z uni
perinatal administration of a bitter tastant influences gene expression in chicken palate and duodenum (2014)| Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry| Read more
b levavisivan, c d kato, e matovu, e nyatia, j rutaisire, o kedar, Zehava Uni, y hakim, z uni
developmental changes in intestinal brush border enzyme activity in wild juvenile nile perch lates niloticus linnaeus 1758 (2014)| International Journal of Fisheries and Aquaculture| Read more
a g van kessel, einat amitromach, j marshal, n s withana gamage, r e a forder, shira l cheledshoval, Zehava Uni, z uni
differences in intestinal mucin dynamics between germ free and conventionally reared chickens after mannan oligosaccharide supplementation (2014)| Poultry Science| Read more
e a wong, liran yadgary, Zehava Uni, z uni
temporal transcriptome analysis of the chicken embryo yolk sac (2014)| BMC Genomics| Read more
c m ashwell, j e de oliveira, p r ferket, s druyan, Zehava Uni, z uni
metabolic profiling of late term turkey embryos by microarrays (2013)| Poultry Science| Read more
l yadgary, r yair, Zehava Uni, z uni
nutritional limitations during poultry embryonic development (2012)| The Journal of Applied Poultry Research| Read more

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