Researcher interests: Nanoscience and nanotechnology. Chemistry, physics and applications of semiconductor nanocrystals and cluster-molecules: preparation of novel semiconductor nanocrystals and nanocrystal arrays, optical properties, optical spectroscopy and microscopy of single nanocrystals, scanning tunneling microscopy, scanning probe microscopies and spectroscopies, collective optical and electronic effects in semiconductor nanocrystal arrays. Nanocrystal based optical and electrical devices including lasers and nanocrystal-polymer hybrid devices. Semiconductor cluster-molecules.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science

Selected Publications

Uri Banin, doaa jbaraagbaria, gil aizik, Gershon Golomb, majd agbaria, meital bendavidnaim, mirjam m nordlingdavid, nir waiskopf
targeting and imaging of monocyte derived macrophages in rat s injured artery following local delivery of liposomal quantum dots (2020)| Journal of Controlled Release| Read more
Uri Banin, danielle perry, lior verbitsky, nir waiskopf, sergei remennik
shell stabilization of photocatalytic znse nanorods (2019)| Chemcatchem| Read more
amit shahar, Uri Banin, gil aizik, Gershon Golomb, majd agbaria, meital bendavidnaim, nir waiskopf, yael levikalisman
liposomes of quantum dots configured for passive and active delivery to tumor tissue (2019)| Nano Letters| Read more
David Avnir, Uri Banin, botao ji, jin he, somnath koley
metallic conductive luminescent film (2019)| ACS Nano| Read more
athmane tadjine, Uri Banin, c delerue, d deresmes, kamil gradkowski, moussa biaye, natalia turek, s godey, t melin, yorai amit, younes makoudi
doped colloidal inas nanocrystals in the single ionized dopant limit (2019)| Journal of Physical Chemistry C| Read more
Uri Banin, doaa shamalia, Inna Popov, jiabin cui, meirav oded, nir waiskopf, sergei remennik, somnath koley, yossef e panfil
coupled colloidal quantum dot molecules (2019)| arXiv preprint arXiv:1905.06065| Read more
Uri Banin, botao ji, guohua jia, jiajia ning, yingping pang
heavy metal free colloidal semiconductor nanorods recent advances and future perspectives (2019)| Advanced Materials| Read more
Uri Banin, botao ji, galit bar, guy lazovski, nurit atar, raz gvishi
a simple method for preparation of silica aerogels doped with monodispersed nanoparticles in homogeneous concentration (2019)| Journal of Supercritical Fluids| Read more
andrew nelson, Uri Banin, curtis b williamson, douglas r nevers, ido hadar, richard d robinson, tobias hanrath
chemically reversible isomerization of inorganic clusters (2019)| Science| Read more
Uri Banin, nir waiskopf
colloidal quantum materials for photocatalytic applications (2019)| | Read more
adam faust, Uri Banin, chunfan yang, itay gdor, Sanford Ruhman, yorai amit
impurity sub band in heavily cu doped inas nanocrystal quantum dots detected by ultrafast transient absorption (2016)| Journal of Physical Chemistry A| Read more

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