Researcher interests: Molecular and cellular mechanisms of microbial pathogenesis: the structure and function of bacterial protein toxins. The mechanisms of attachment of bacteria to target host cells.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC
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Selected Publications

anuradha vajjala, debabrata biswas, Emanuel Hanski, kimberly kline, wei hong tay
streptolysin induced endoplasmic reticulum stress promotes group a streptococcal host associated biofilm formation and necrotising fasciitis (2019)| Cellular Microbiology| Read more
chacko jobichen, debabrata biswas, digant nayak, Emanuel Hanski, mahalakshmi tirumuru prabhakar, navraj pannu, sivaraman, ying chong tan
structure of scpc a virulence protease from streptococcus pyogenes reveals the functional domains and maturation mechanism (2018)| Biochemical Journal| Read more
baruch hertzog, debabrata biswas, Emanuel Hanski, miriam ravins, poornima ambalavanan, swaine chen, veronique angeli, Reuven Wiener, yael kaufman
a sub population of group a streptococcus elicits a population wide production of bacteriocins to establish dominance in the host (2018)| Cell Host & Microbe| Read more
Emanuel Hanski, jacqueline chee, miriam ravins, swaine chen
complete genome sequence of streptococcus pyogenes emm14 js95 a necrotizing fasciitis strain isolated in israel (2017)| Genome Announcements| Read more
baruch hertzog, Emanuel Hanski, miriam ravins, Moshe Baruch
methods and kits for inhibiting pathogenicity of group a streptococcus gas or group g streptococcus ggs (2014)| | Read more
aparna anand, baruch hertzog, cheng catherine youting, debabrata biswas, Emanuel Hanski, miriam ravins, Moshe Baruch, Boaz Tirosh
induction of endoplasmic reticulum stress and unfolded protein response constitutes a pathogenic strategy of group a streptococcus (2014)| Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology| Read more
baruch hertzog, catherine cheng youting, Emanuel Hanski, miriam ravins, Moshe Baruch
group a streptococcus and host metabolism virulence influences and potential treatments (2014)| Future Microbiology| Read more
agnes fouet, celine plainvert, claire poyart, gerald touak, Emanuel Hanski, marcia dinis, miriam ravins, nicolas dmytruk
molecular epidemiology of sil locus in clinical streptococcus pyogenes strains (2014)| Journal of Clinical Microbiology| Read more
baruch hertzog, catherine youting cheng, eran dov, Emanuel Hanski, ilia belotserkovsky, kevin mciver, miriam ravins, Moshe Baruch, ting zhou, yoann breton
an extracellular bacterial pathogen modulates host metabolism to regulate its own sensing and proliferation (2014)| Cell| Read more

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