Researcher interests: Fungal growth and development. Plant-pathogen interactions.
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Selected Publications

adi cohen, daria feldman, david kowbel, n louise glass, Oded Yarden, yitzhak hadar
identification and manipulation of neurospora crassa genes involved in sensitivity to furfural (2019)| Biotechnology for Biofuels| Read more
daria feldman, nadav amedi, Shmuel Carmeli, Oded Yarden, yitzhak hadar
manipulating the expression of small secreted protein 1 ssp1 alters patterns of development and metabolism in the white rot fungus pleurotus ostreatus (2019)| Applied and Environmental Microbiology| Read more
david kowbel, diego luis delgadoalvarez, inbal herold, marisela gardunorosales, rosa r mourinoperez, Oded Yarden
transcriptional profiling and localization of gul 1 a cot 1 pathway component in neurospora crassa (2019)| Fungal Genetics and Biology| Read more
cristina miguelrojas, frances trail, francesc lopezgiraldez, jeffrey p townsend, Oded Yarden, zheng wang
metabolism and development during conidial germination in response to a carbon nitrogen rich synthetic or a natural source of nutrition in neurospora crassa (2019)| Mbio| Read more
adam c jones, allison k walker, amy s gladfelter, anthony amend, c alisha quandt, cassandra l ettinger, erik f y hom, gaetan burgaud, giuseppe ianiri, jason e stajich, jose vargasmuniz, joseph heitman, kathryn t picard, m h gutierrez, maiko kagami, mertixell riquelme, michael cunliffe, seshagiri raghukumar, virginia p edgcomb, Oded Yarden
fungi in the marine environment open questions and unsolved problems (2019)| Mbio| Read more
Dana Levinson, daria feldman, edward a bayer, ely morag, michael ioelovich, shahar yoav, tomer meir salame, Oded Yarden, yitzhak hadar
effects of cre1 modification in the white rot fungus pleurotus ostreatus pc9 altering substrate preference during biological pretreatment (2018)| Biotechnology for Biofuels| Read more
daria feldman, david kowbel, n louise glass, Oded Yarden, yitzhak hadar
author correction a role for small secreted proteins ssps in a saprophytic fungal lifestyle ligninolytic enzyme regulation in pleurotus ostreatus (2018)| Scientific Reports| Read more
Einat Zelinger, liran aharonikats, she chen, Oded Yarden
altering neurospora crassa mob2a exposes its functions in development and affects its interaction with the ndr kinase cot1 altering mob2a affects development and cot1 interactions (2018)| Molecular Microbiology| Read more
ihan l du plessis, irina s druzhinina, karin jacobs, lea atanasova, Oded Yarden
the diversity of trichoderma species from soil in south africa with five new additions (2018)| Mycologia| Read more
chengcheng hu, mi zhou, shaojie li, wenzhao wang, xianyun sun, Oded Yarden
abnormal ergosterol biosynthesis activates transcriptional responses to antifungal azoles (2018)| Frontiers in Microbiology| Read more

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