Researcher interests: Heterosis in plants and yeast. Tradeoff mechanisms underlying heterosis. Mechanism of phenotypic and biochemical robustness. Plant evolution and adaptation.
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Selected Publications

ahan dalal, alex evenko, eyal galkin, Eyal Fridman, Iddo Kan, Menachem Moshelion, Rony Wallach
risk management strategies and transpiration rates of wild barley in uncertain environments (2018)| Physiologia Plantarum| Read more
duaa hussien, Eyal Fridman, Rachel Green, moshe kiflawi, yuri dakhiya
correlations between circadian rhythms and growth in challenging environments (2017)| Plant Physiology| Read more
anna westerbergh, eyal bdolach, eyal galkin, Eyal Fridman, girma bedada, karl schmid, Menachem Moshelion, thomas muller
transcriptome sequencing of two wild barley hordeum spontaneum l ecotypes differentially adapted to drought stress reveals ecotype specific transcripts (2014)| BMC Genomics| Read more
Benjamin Kilian, Eyal Fridman, Habte Nida, imri benisrael
heterotic trait locus htl mapping identifies intra locus interactions that underlie reproductive hybrid vigor in sorghum bicolor (2012)| PLOS ONE| Read more
next generation education in crop genetics (2012)| Current Opinion in Plant Biology| Read more
eran pichersky, Eyal Fridman, joseph noel, justin ramsey, michael austin, michele auldridge, yongxia guo
emergent decarboxylase activity and attenuation of α β hydrolase activity during the evolution of methylketone biosynthesis in tomato (2012)| The Plant Cell| Read more
Eyal Fridman, hila yaffe, illil shapira, kobi buxdorf, maggie levy, michal moyal ben zvi, Menachem Moshelion, shachaf eingedi
logspin a simple economical and fast method for rna isolation from infected or healthy plants and other eukaryotic tissues (2012)| BMC Research Notes| Read more
eran pichersky, Eyal Fridman, kilian skowranek, peter kiesling, Robert Kurtzer, Thomas Hoffmann, wilfried schwab
metabolic engineering in strawberry fruit uncovers a dormant biosynthetic pathway (2011)| Metabolic Engineering| Read more
alisdair fernie, amit gur, Dani Zamir, Eyal Fridman, sonia osorio, Daniel Zamir
hi2 1 a qtl which improves harvest index earliness and alters metabolite accumulation of processing tomatoes (2010)| Theoretical and Applied Genetics| Read more
eran pichersky, Eyal Fridman, geng, imri benisrael, ines schauvinhold, joseph noel, michele auldridge, Nazmul Bhuiyan, thuong nguyen, yoko iijima, yongxia guo
enzymatic functions of wild tomato methylketone synthases 1 and 2 (2010)| Plant Physiology| Read more

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