Researcher interests: “Source-sink“ relationships of Citrus and other fruit trees (gene expres- sion, physiology, modeling). Hormonal and molecular regulation of ripening and senescence, with an emphasis on ethylene biosynthesis and perception. Molecular and hormonal control of chlorophyll degradation, focusing on the chlorophyllase system. Jewish-Talmudic laws of agriculture.
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Selected Publications

Eliezer Goldschmidt, James J. Giovannoni, Julia Vrebalov, Tomer Elitzur
The regulation of MADS-box gene expression during ripening of banana and their regulatory interaction with ethylene (2010)| oxford academic| Read more
Eliezer Goldschmidt, Marion Kanwischer, Nicole Schenk, Silvia Schelbert
The chlorophyllases AtCLH1 and AtCLH2 are not essential for senescence‐related chlorophyll breakdown in Arabidopsis thaliana (2007)| FEBSPRESS| Read more
Eliezer Goldschmidt, Smadar Harpaz Saad, Tamar Azoulay, Tzahi Arazi
Chlorophyllase Is a Rate-Limiting Enzyme in Chlorophyll Catabolism and Is Posttranslationally Regulated (2007)| ASPB| Read more

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