Researcher interests: Research focuses on British literature of the long nineteenth century; in particular, on Dickens, Hardy, the history of childhood, and the Elegy
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Humanities
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Selected Publications

who stole the child missing babies and blank identities in early dickens (2016)| | Read more
the child s perspective hardy joyce and the redefinition of childlike romantic sensibilities (2013)| Joyce Studies Annual| Read more
thrust beneath the carpet hardy and the failure of writing (2013)| Studies in The Novel| Read more
narratives of child neglect in romantic and victorian culture (2011)| | Read more
two patterns of child neglect blake and wordsworth (2007)| Partial Answers| Read more
challenging the biological the fantasy of male birth as a nineteenth century narrative of ethical failure (2006)| Women's Studies| Read more
dispersed are we mirroring and national identity in virginia woolf s between the acts (2006)| Journal of Narrative Theory| Read more

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