Researcher interests: Seed germination and seedling establishment  Plants are highly susceptible to stress during germination and initial seedling development. Salinity and drought impair seedling development and thus severely reduce crop plants growth and yield.     In our group we investigate the nature of signaling pathways that mediate the young seedling's response to environmental conditions, including salt- and drought-stress.      We utilize advanced methods of fluorescent microscopy, molecular biology and biochemistry to study the molecular mechanisms that underlie the signaling pathways of calcium, electric signal and hormones, in determining the germinating-seedling development and physiology, under abiotic stress conditions.
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Selected Publications

aliza finkler, hillel fromm, metsada pasmanikchor, Doron Shkolnik
calmodulin binding transcription activator 6 a key regulator of na homeostasis during germination (2019)| Plant Physiology| Read more
alex costa, hillel fromm, maria cristina bonza, roye nuriel, Doron Shkolnik
miz1 regulates eca1 to generate a slow long distance phloem transmitted ca2 signal essential for root water tracking in arabidopsis (2018)| Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America| Read more
hillel fromm, Doron Shkolnik
the cholodny went theory does not explain hydrotropism (2016)| Plant Science| Read more
gad miller, gat krieger, hillel fromm, Doron Shkolnik
reactive oxygen species tune root tropic responses (2016)| Plant Physiology| Read more
gat krieger, hillel fromm, roye nuriel, Doron Shkolnik
hydrotropism root bending does not require auxin redistribution (2016)| Molecular Plant| Read more

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