Researcher interests: Broadband dielectric spectroscopy in frequency and time domain. The theory of dielectric polarization and relaxation. The relaxation phenomena and strange kinetics in disordered materials. The dielectric properties of biological systems.
DEPARTMENT: Applied Physics

Selected Publications

Yuri Feldman, V. Raicu
Dielectric Relaxation in Biological Systems: Physical Principles, Methods, and Applications (2015)| OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS, Oxford UK| Read more
Andreas Caduff, Evgeniya Levy, Yuri Feldman, Mark S Talary, Paul Ben Ishai
Electrode polarization in dielectric measurements: a review (2013)| IOP Science| Read more
Alexander Puzenko, Yuri Feldman, Paul Ben Ishai
Cole-Cole Broadening in Dielectric Relaxation and Strange Kinetics (2010)| APS Physics| Read more
Aharon Agranat, Alexander Puzenko, Andreas Caduff, Yuri Feldman, Paul Ben Ishai
Human Skin as Arrays of Helical Antennas in the Millimeter and Submillimeter Wave Range (2008)| APS Physics| Read more

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