Researcher interests: The metabolism, physiology and mechanism of action of vitamin A iron and PUFA in association with inflammation of the GI tract and growth in stunted children: in vitro, animal and human studies. Infant and maternal nutrition. Intra-uteruine growth retardation. Enhancement of nutritional quality in legumes (chickpea).
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Selected Publications

hilla oknin, moshe shemesh, noa benishay, Ram Reifen, Doron Steinberg, zipi berkovich
enrichment of milk with magnesium provides healthier and safer dairy products (2017)| npj Biofilms and Microbiomes| Read more
moshe shemesh, Ram Reifen, Doron Steinberg
magnesium ion as antibacterial agent (2017)| | Read more
Shahal Abbo, Ram Reifen, shimrit barel dadon
leveraging traditional crops for better nutrition and health the case of chickpea (2017)| Trends in Food Science and Technology| Read more
past and present insights on alpha linolenic acid and the omega 3 fatty acid family (2016)| Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition| Read more
einat amitromach, Itzhak Aizenberg, Michael Friedman, Ram Reifen, uni, Zehava Uni, zippi berkovich
a new mode of probiotic therapy specific targeting (2015)| Journal of Functional Foods| Read more
high selenium diet protects against tnbs induced acute inflammation mitochondrial dysfunction and secondary necrosis in rat colon ()| Nutrition| Read more
efrat monsonegoornan, Ram Reifen, Ron Shahar, shimrit barel dadon, vered katalan
leptin administration affects growth and skeletal development in a rat intrauterine growth restriction model preliminary study ()| Nutrition| Read more
Zohar Kerem, Naama Karu, Ram Reifen
weight gain reduction in mice fed panax ginseng saponin a pancreatic lipase inhibitor ()| Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry| Read more
Eran Levy, Ram Reifen, Oren Tirosh, zippi berkovich
vitamin a exerts its antiinflammatory activities in colitis through preservation of mitochondrial activity ()| Nutrition| Read more

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