Researcher interests: Biophysical studies of protein-protein interactions at the molecular level, and of the effects of mutations and post-translational modifications on these interactions; biophysical methods to identify binding sites in cancer-related proteins. “Chemical chaperones“: development of peptides and small molecules that assist in refolding of proteins whose misfolding lead to disease.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science

Selected Publications

brian bauer, daniel mayer, dmitry veprintsev, eshita mutt, franziska zosel, fred damberger, frederic allain, Assaf FRIEDLER, gebhard schertler, jorg standfuss, mamidi samarasimhareddy, martha sommer, mattan hurevich, miki feldmueller, tilman flock, xavier deupi, ziva vuckovic
distinct g protein coupled receptor phosphorylation motifs modulate arrestin affinity and activation and global conformation (2019)| Nature Communications| Read more
anat iosubamir, fang bai, Assaf FRIEDLER, guy mayer, henribaptiste marjault, jose onuchic, luhua song, Rachel Nechushtai, ola karmi, patricia jennings, ron mittler, Sagi Tamir, yangsung sohn
the anti apoptotic proteins naf 1 and iaspp interact to drive apoptosis in cancer cells (2019)| Chemical Science| Read more
Assaf FRIEDLER, hadar amartely, Oded Livnah, Mario Lebendiker, orly avraham
coupling multi angle light scattering to ion exchange chromatography iex mals for protein characterization (2018)| Scientific Reports| Read more
dana grunhaus, Assaf FRIEDLER, odelia shimshon, ofrah faust, Eylon Yavin
protein regulation by intrinsically disordered regions a role for subdomains in the idr of the hiv 1 rev protein (2018)| ChemBioChem| Read more
hiv 1 integrase derived peptides and compositions comprising them (2018)| | Read more
ana maria lowcalle, carol prives, chen katz, david tong, francesca garofalo, Assaf FRIEDLER, jazminesaskya josephchowdhury, joshua choe, oleg laptenko, yan zhu
wild type and cancer related p53 proteins are preferentially degraded by mdm2 as dimers rather than tetramers (2018)| Genes & Development| Read more
Abraham Rimon, Assaf FRIEDLER, manish dwivedi, Etana Padan
asp133 residue in nhaa na h antiporter is required for stability cation binding and transport (2018)| Journal of Molecular Biology| Read more
aviv vromen, david rodriguez, Assaf FRIEDLER, gunnar schulte, jens carlsson, johan stromqvist, julian petersen, noa lahav, pierre matricon, shane wright, stefan wennmalm
agonist induced dimer dissociation as a macromolecular step in g protein coupled receptor signaling (2017)| Nature Communications| Read more
daniel mayer, dmitry veprintsev, Assaf FRIEDLER, mamidi samarasimhareddy, mattan hurevich, Norman Metanis
a combinatorial approach for the synthesis of multi phosphorylated peptides new tool for studying phosphorylation patterns in proteins (2017)| bioRxiv| Read more
antonella pizio, einav yehudashnaidman, Assaf FRIEDLER, hadar amartely, Yitzhak Hadar, Irena Peri, katy staikin, lili nimri, lutz graeve, michal slutzki, Masha Niv, Betty Schwartz, tom oren
recombinant ostreolysin induces brown fat like phenotype in hib 1b cells (2017)| Molecular Nutrition & Food Research| Read more
Assaf FRIEDLER, Ruth Gabizon, jackob moskovitz, Kati Frid, maria gasset, Ronen Gabizon, Silvia Lisa, Tamar Canello
correction oxidation of helix 3 methionines precedes the formation of pk resistant prpsc (2017)| PLOS Pathogens| Read more
Assaf FRIEDLER, koushik chandra, Norman Metanis, priyadip das, Meital Reches
peptide fibrils as monomer storage of the covalent hiv 1 integrase inhibitor (2017)| Journal of Peptide Science| Read more
Assaf FRIEDLER, manish dwivedi, Etana Padan, Shahar Sukenik
the ec nhaa antiporter switches from antagonistic to synergistic antiport upon a single point mutation (2016)| Scientific Reports| Read more
Assaf FRIEDLER, hadar amartely, moriah koler, Ady Vaknin, vered frank
dynamic clustering of the bacterial sensory kinase baes (2016)| PLOS ONE| Read more
einav amit, Assaf FRIEDLER, Abraham Loyter, Mario Lebendiker, michal maes, tsafi danieli
the disordered region of arabidopsis vip1 binds the agrobacterium vire2 protein outside its dna binding site (2014)| Protein Engineering Design & Selection| Read more
benny gerber, deborah shalev, Assaf FRIEDLER, Chaim Gilon, koushik chandra, Abraham Loyter, tapta kanchan roy
frontispiece a tandem in situ peptide cyclization through trifluoroacetic acid cleavage (2014)| Angewandte Chemie| Read more
benny gerber, deborah shalev, Assaf FRIEDLER, Chaim Gilon, koushik chandra, Abraham Loyter, tapta kanchan roy
a tandem in situ peptide cyclization through trifluoroacetic acid cleavage (2014)| Angewandte Chemie| Read more
daniel ronen, elvira nazirov, Assaf FRIEDLER, masha rosenberg, noa lahav, Shoshana Ravid, shoshana ravid
high resolution characterization of myosin iic protein tailpiece and its effect on filament assembly (2013)| Journal of Biological Chemistry| Read more
Assaf FRIEDLER, hadar benyamini, Abraham Loyter, ofrah faust, Ronen Gabizon, Sivan Nir
structure activity relationship studies using peptide arrays the example of hiv 1 rev integrase interaction (2013)| MedChemComm| Read more
Aviad Levin, dvir rotem, Assaf FRIEDLER, Zvi Hayouka, limor zemel, Abraham Loyter, Danny Porath, Ronen Gabizon, Shlomit Guy
monitoring the hiv 1 integrase enzymatic activity using atomic force microscopy in a 2ltr system (2013)| Chemical Communications| Read more
peptides that inhibit hiv 1 integrase by blocking its protein protein interactions (2012)| FEBS Journal| Read more
Aviad Levin, deborah shalev, Assaf FRIEDLER, Chaim Gilon, Zvi Hayouka, Abraham Loyter, mattan hurevich
a comparative study of backbone versus side chain peptide cyclization application for hiv 1 integrase inhibitors (2012)| Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry| Read more

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