Researcher interests: Biophysical studies of protein-protein interactions at the molecular level, and of the effects of mutations and post-translational modifications on these interactions; biophysical methods to identify binding sites in cancer-related proteins. “Chemical chaperones“: development of peptides and small molecules that assist in refolding of proteins whose misfolding lead to disease.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science

Selected Publications

Assaf FRIEDLER, Daniel Harries, Lior Ziserman, Regina Politi, Shahar Sukenik
Crowding Alone Cannot Account for Cosolute Effect on Amyloid Aggregation (2011)| Plos One| Read more
Aviad Levin, Assaf FRIEDLER, Zvi Hayouka, Joseph Rosenbluh, Abraham Loyter
Peptides derived from HIV‐1 Rev inhibit HIV‐1 integrase in a shiftide mechanism (2008)| Wiley Online Library | Read more
Inhibiting HIV-1 integrase by shifting its oligomerization equilibrium (2007)| PNAS| Read more

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