Researcher interests: Human and computer vision. Robotics. Artificial intelligence. Photogrammetry. Machine learning.
DEPARTMENT: Computer Science
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Selected Publications

Amnon Shashua, Tamir Hazan
Convergent Message-Passing Algorithms for Inference over General Graphs with Convex Free Energies (2012)| Cornell University Library| Read more
Amit Man, Amnon Shashua, Tamir Hazan
A Parallel Decomposition Solver for SVM: Distributed dual ascend using Fenchel Duality (2008)| IEEE Xplore Digital Library| Read more
Ron Zass, Amnon Shashua
Probabilistic graph and hypergraph matching (2008)| IEEE Xplore Digital Library| Read more

Success Stories & related Product & PR

Goldman Sachs investing $100m in Yissum's spin off Mobileye

Investment bank Goldman Sachs is investing $100 million in the Israeli company Mobileye. This reflects a valuation of $600 million. 



Intel to Buy Mobileye, Maker of Sensors for Self-Driving Cars, for $15.3 Billion

Intel agreed on Monday to pay $15.3 billion for Mobileye, an Israeli technology company that specializes in making sensors and cameras for autonomous cars, as the global microchip giant tries to expand its reach in the fast-growing sector.



Mobileye Raises $890 Million as Largest Israeli IPO in the U.S.

Jerusalem-based Mobileye’s IPO surpassed Partner Communication Ltd’s share sale of $525 million in October 1999 to become the biggest U.S. IPO by an Israeli company. Founded by Hebrew University professor Amnon Shashua and Ziv Aviram 15 years...


YIssum Spin Off Mobileye raises $400m, at a company valuation of $1.5 billion

This is the largest ever fund raising round by the company, which develops camera-based advanced driver assistance systems for the automotive industry.



Mobileye is a vision-based advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) providing warnings for collision prevention and mitigation. 

Product developed by:
Prof. Amnon Shashua of the Rachel and Selim Benin School of Computer Science and Engineering More

OrCam Ltd.

OrCam was founded in 2010 with a clear mission – harness the power of artificial vision to assist people who are visually impaired. OrCam has created a technologically advanced device unique in its ability to provide visual aid through a discreet...


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