Researcher interests: Plant developmental genetics. Compound leaf development; control of leaf growth and maturation; control of the morphogenetic activity of leaf margins. Shoot apical meristem (SAM) function; the role of KNOXI, TCP and CUC transcription factors in SAM function and leaf development. The role of auxin and cytokinin in SAM function and leaf development. Interaction between hormones and transcription factors.
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Selected Publications

Eilon Shani, Hadas Ben-Gera, Naomi Ori, David Weiss
Cytokinin Regulates Compound Leaf Development in Tomato (2010)| ASPB| Read more
Mechanisms of Cross Talk between Gibberellin and Other Hormones (2007)| ASPB| Read more
Adi Etzioni, Arnon Brand, Aya Refael Cohen, Naomi Ori, Osnat Yanai
Regulation of LANCEOLATE by miR319 is required for compound-leaf development in tomato (2007)| nature genetics| Read more

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