Researcher interests: Plant developmental genetics. Compound leaf development; control of leaf growth and maturation; control of the morphogenetic activity of leaf margins. Shoot apical meristem (SAM) function; the role of KNOXI, TCP and CUC transcription factors in SAM function and leaf development. The role of auxin and cytokinin in SAM function and leaf development. Interaction between hormones and transcription factors.
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Selected Publications

alon israeli, Idan Efroni, Ido Shwartz, lior tal, matan levy, maya bar, Naomi Ori, yossi capua, zohar meir
multiple auxin response regulators enable stability and variability in leaf development (2019)| Current Biology| Read more
dissecting the biological functions of arf and aux iaa genes (2019)| The Plant Cell| Read more
alon israeli, jianhong hu, Naomi Ori, taiping sun
the interaction between della and arf iaa mediates crosstalk between gibberellin and auxin signaling to control fruit initiation in tomato (2018)| The Plant Cell| Read more
Eilon Shani, john l bowman, john p alvarez, matan levy, ohad roth, Naomi Ori
the knoxi transcription factor shoot meristemless regulates floral fate in arabidopsis (2018)| The Plant Cell| Read more
alon israeli, hagai yasuor, Naomi Ori, shiri goldentalcohen
auxin response dynamics during wild type and entire flower development in tomato (2017)| Plant and Cell Physiology| Read more
bolaji babajide salam, carmit ziv, dani eshel, huiling gong, jiming jiang, Naomi Ori, paula teperbamnolker, siva kumar malka, xiaobiao zhu
etiolated stem branching is a result of systemic signaling associated with sucrose level (2017)| Plant Physiology| Read more
Ido Shwartz, matan levy, maya bar, Naomi Ori
hormones in tomato leaf development (2016)| Developmental Biology| Read more
alon israeli, h ben gera, jose m jimenezgomez, matan levy, maya bar, Naomi Ori, petr tarkowski, s kouril
clausa is a myb transcription factor that promotes leaf differentiation by attenuating cytokinin signaling (2016)| The Plant Cell| Read more
asaf dafna, hadas bengera, john p alvarez, mareike mauerer, maya bar, Naomi Ori
auxin mediated lamina growth in tomato leaves is restricted by two parallel mechanisms (2016)| Plant Journal| Read more
hagay kohay, ilana shtein, maya bar, ori benherzel, Naomi Ori
clausa restricts tomato leaf morphogenesis and goblet expression (2015)| Plant Journal| Read more
Eilon Shani, Hadas Ben-Gera, Naomi Ori, David Weiss
Cytokinin Regulates Compound Leaf Development in Tomato (2010)| ASPB| Read more
Mechanisms of Cross Talk between Gibberellin and Other Hormones (2007)| ASPB| Read more

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