Researcher interests: Marine ecology; plant-pathogen interactions; oxidative stress in plants. Mechanical forces that control DNA and protein structure.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

baishnab tripathy, budhi sagar tiwari, Alex Levine, pramod kumar yadava, samer singh, sudhir sopory, vivek ambastha
anhydrobiosis and programmed cell death in plants commonalities and differences (2015)| Current Plant Biology| Read more
glenda gillaspy, Alex Levine, mustafa ercetin, omri gilhar, yael golani, yuval kaye
inositol polyphosphate phosphatidylinositol 5 phosphatase9 at5ptase9 controls plant salt tolerance by regulating endocytosis (2013)| Molecular Plant| Read more
Alex Levine, yael golani, Yehoram Leshem, yuval kaye
reduced expression of the v snares atvamp71 atvamp7c gene family in arabidopsis reduces drought tolerance by suppression of abscisic acid dependent stomatal closure (2010)| Journal of Experimental Botany| Read more
Alex Levine, naomi melamedbook, smadar peleggrossman, yael golani, yuval kaye
npr1 protein regulates pathogenic and symbiotic interactions between rhizobium and legumes and non legumes (2009)| PLOS ONE| Read more
alfred mayer, avishai mor, Alex Levine
possible peroxidase functions in the interaction between the parasitic plant orobanche aegyptiaca and its host arabidopsis thaliana (2008)| Weed Biology and Management| Read more
Alex Levine, Lior Seri, Yehoram Leshem
induction of phosphatidylinositol 3 kinase mediated endocytosis by salt stress leads to intracellular production of reactive oxygen species and salt tolerance (2007)| Plant Journal| Read more
Alex Levine, Yehoram Leshem
intracellular ros what does it do there (2007)| Plant Signaling & Behavior| Read more
Hanne Volpin, Alex Levine, smadar peleggrossman
root hair curling and rhizobium infection in medicago truncatula are mediated by phosphatidylinositide regulated endocytosis and reactive oxygen species (2007)| Journal of Experimental Botany| Read more
Assaf Vardi, Doron Eisenstadt, ilana bermanfrank, Aaron Kaplan, Alex Levine, Omer Murik, tamar zohary
synchronization of cell death in a dinoflagellate population is mediated by an excreted thiol protease (2007)| Environmental Microbiology| Read more

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