Researcher interests: Structure-function relationship in membrane proteins. Molecular analysis of mechanisms of transport across biological membranes: neurotransmitter transporters and multidrug transporters as experimental paradigms. Transport mediated multiple drug resistance. Molecular basis of adaptation to high salinity and toxic environments in bacteria and higher organisms.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

Ayala Gold, Iris Nasie, Shimon Schuldiner, Sonia Steiner-Mordoch
Topologically Random Insertion of EmrE Supports a Pathway for Evolution of Inverted Repeats in Ion-coupled Transporters* (2010)| JBC| Read more
A coordinated network of transporters with overlapping specificities provides a robust survival strategy (2009)| PNAS| Read more
Shimon Schuldiner, Tal Salomon, Yael Elbaz
Identification of a Glycine Motif Required for Packing in EmrE, a Multidrug Transporter from Escherichia coli (2008)| JBC| Read more

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