Researcher interests: Condensed Matter Physics
FACULTY / SCHOOL: Faculty of Science
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Selected Publications

amir, daniel amgar, elad hechster, Lioz Etgar, gabby sarusi, neta aradvosk, Amir Sa'ar (Saar), tal binyamin
electrical and optical characterization of quantum dots pbs tio2 based heterojunction as a swir detector and a proposed design of pbs tio2 peled as a swir to visible upconversion device (2019)| Materials Research Express| Read more
amir, jeffery coffer, neta aradvosk, roberto gonzalezrodriguez, Amir Sa'ar (Saar)
phase control in mixed halide methylammonium lead perovskites using silicon nanotube templates (2018)| Journal of Physical Chemistry C| Read more
amir, michael zenou, Amir Sa'ar (Saar), zvi kotler
digital laser printing of aluminum micro structure on thermally sensitive substrates (2015)| Journal of Physics D| Read more
amir, lee baron, michael zenou, Amir Sa'ar (Saar), zvi kotler
solar cell metallization by laser transfer of metal micro droplets (2015)| Energy Procedia| Read more
amir, antonio ferreira silva, castro meira, clas persson, magnus willander, nadav gutman, peter klason, Amir Sa'ar (Saar)
growth optical characterization and modelling of zno nanorods on si sic and macroporous si structure (2009)| The 2009 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Expo, Houston, Texas, USA, May 3-7, 2009| Read more
amir, amir berman, Benayahu Urbach, eyal sabatani, kalisky, nadav gutman, Amir Sa'ar (Saar), yuval golan
photoluminescence of polydiacetylene membranes on porous silicon utilized for chemical sensors (2008)| Optical Materials| Read more
amir, avi karsenty, nissim benyosef, Amir Sa'ar (Saar), Joseph Shappir
enhanced electroluminescence in silicon on insulator metal oxide semiconductor transistors with thin silicon layer (2003)| Applied Physics Letters| Read more
amir, jeanpierre leburton, julien, planel, Amir Sa'ar (Saar), yoav lavon
mid infrared intersubband emission and lasing in optically pumped coupled quantum wells structures (1998)| | Read more
amir, beserman, michael bendayan, planel, ruti kapon, Amir Sa'ar (Saar)
modulated resonant raman spectroscopy induced by intersubband optical excitation of the quantum well bound and continuum states (1998)| | Read more

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BactuSense develops a nanotechnology solution for bacteria detection in any liquid. The Bactusense optical biosensor uses silicon-based microchips to detect and identify bacteria in the liquid passing through the system.
The system can work in...


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