Selected Publications

Chetan Arora, Shmuel Peleg, Yair Poleg
Temporal Segmentation of Egocentric Videos (2014)| cvp| Read more
Eitam Kav-Venaki, Shmuel Peleg, Yael Pritch
Shift-map image editing (2009)| IEEE Xplore Digital Library| Read more
Alex Rav-Acha, Avital Gutman, Shmuel Peleg, Yael Pritch
Webcam Synopsis: Peeking Around the World (2007)| IEEE Xplore Digital Library| Read more

Success Stories & related Product & PR

Japan’s Canon Inc.’s First Acquisition in Israel: BriefCam, A Hebrew University of Jerusalem Spin Out

May 9, 2018 – Jerusalem – Today, the Japanese giant, Canon Inc. announced its acquisition of BriefCam, the industry’s leading provider of Video Synopsis® solutions, which is based on technology developed at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The...



HumanEyes introduces software products that enable the simple creation of panoramic 3D stereo images from ordinary photographs captured by any single still or video digital camera



BriefCam is a start-up company, established to develop and commercialize video synopsis, summarization and indexing technology. The initial technology of video synopsis was developed at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and is licensed by...


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