Researcher interests: Hypocholesterolemic effect of dietary fruits and beer. Antioxidants and different radical scavenging methods. Nutritional value of beverages, fruits and their influence on metabolism. Coronary artery disease and moderate beer consumption and fruit consumption. Evaluation of genetic purity of seed storage proteins from different plants through protein electrophoretic and isoelectrophoretic patterns. Relationship between the amino acid sequence and the structure of storage proteins. Functional properties of ovalbumin as a matrix for sustained drug release and its comparison with albumins and globulins from plants and other sources. Kinetics of enzyme-catalyzed reactions; kinetic models and computer implementation of the models.
FACULTY / SCHOOL: School of Medicine - IMRIC
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Selected Publications

anna rozanska, arkadiusz szterk, elena katrich, Shela Gorinstein, jacek namieśnik, martyna lubinskaszczygel, patraporn luksirikul, suchada vearasilp, tomasz dymerski
influence of steam cooking on pro health properties of small and large variety of momordica charantia (2019)| Food Control| Read more
Shela Gorinstein, heeock boo, hyeonyong park, jeounghwa shin, yun gyong ahn
discrimination of platycodon grandiflorum and codonopsis lanceolata using gas chromatography mass spectrometry based metabolomics approach (2019)| Talanta| Read more
alma leticia martinezayala, Shela Gorinstein, hanna leontowicz, jerzy drzewiecki, maria leontowicz, maria lozanogrande, pawel pasko, zenon jastrzebski
in vitro screening of bioactive compounds in some gluten free plants (2018)| Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology| Read more
adam zmyslowski, arkadiusz szterk, Shela Gorinstein
application of hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography for the quantification of succinylcholine in active pharmaceutical ingredient and medicinal product identification of new impurities of succinylcholine chloride (2018)| Heliyon| Read more
anna rozanska, elena katrich, Shela Gorinstein, jacek namieśnik, martyna lubinskaszczygel, tomasz dymerski
a novel analytical approach in the assessment of unprocessed kaffir lime peel and pulp as potential raw materials for cosmetic applications (2018)| Industrial Crops and Products| Read more
alma leticia martinezayala, azalia lozanogrande, eduardo espitiarangel, gloria davilaortiz, Shela Gorinstein
plant sources extraction methods and uses of squalene (2018)| International Journal of Agronomy| Read more
ahmed mediani, faridah abas, Shela Gorinstein, maulidiani, yangkyun park, yong seo park, young kim
1h nmr and antioxidant profiles of polar and non polar extracts of persimmon diospyros kaki l metabolomics study based on cultivars and origins (2018)| Talanta| Read more
agnieszka galanty, Shela Gorinstein, Henryk Bartoń, joanna gdulaargasinska, malgorzata tyszkaczochara, pawel pasko, pawel zagrodzki, pawel żmudzki
comparative study of predominant phytochemical compounds and proapoptotic potential of broccoli sprouts and florets (2018)| Plant Foods for Human Nutrition| Read more
anna rozanska, aviva ezra, Shela Gorinstein, jacek namieśnik, martyna lubinskaszczygiel, moshe weisz, rajamohamed beema shafreen, tomasz dymerski
quality of limes juices based on the aroma and antioxidant properties ()| Food Control| Read more
alina nemirovski, dinorah barasch, elena katrich, Shela Gorinstein, jacek namieśnik, jong hyang bae, yang gyu
detection of bioactive compounds in organically and conventionally grown asparagus spears ()| Food Analytical Methods| Read more

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