Researcher interests: The physical chemistry of humic substances, minerals and their interactions. Effects of organic matter on soil fertility and structure. The role of organic matter and bacteria in the iron nutrition of plants. Composting of agricultural wastes and the application of composts as soil conditioners and as peat substitutes in horticulture. Chemical transformations in composts. Suppressiveness of composts to soil borne diseases. Effects of dissolved organic matter in wastewaters on soil structure, surface tension and contact angle of soil pore water, and the hydraulic conductivity of soils.
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Selected Publications

Yona Chen, vasiliy rosen
effects of compost application on soil vulnerability to heavy metal pollution (2018)| Environmental Science and Pollution Research| Read more
Yona Chen, jorge tarchitzky, ofek green, sagi katz
formation and prevention of biofilm and mineral precipitate clogging in drip irrigation systems applying treated wastewater (2018)| Irrigation Science| Read more
Yona Chen, harald horn, jorge tarchitzky, michael wagner, sagi katz
size and stability of suspended aggregates in municipal effluents containing montmorillonite bacteria and fulvic acid (2018)| Irrigation Science| Read more
Yona Chen, elzbieta jamroz, jerzy weber, miano
preface humic substances in the environment (2018)| Journal of Soils and Sediments| Read more
Benny Chefetz, Yona Chen, evyatar ben mordechay, jorge tarchitzky, Moshe Shenker
composted biosolids and treated wastewater as sources of pharmaceuticals and personal care products for plant uptake a case study with carbamazepine (2018)| Environmental Pollution| Read more
Yona Chen, orit gal garber, vasiliy rosen
magnesium deficiency in tap water in israel the desalination era (2018)| Desalination| Read more
Yona Chen, itamar nadav, jorge tarchitzky
water repellency reduction using soil heating in infiltration ponds of a wastewater soil aquifer treatment sat (2017)| Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science| Read more
Yona Chen, harald horn, jorge tarchitzky, jueying qian, michael wagner, sagi katz
water quality and daily temperature cycle affect biofilm formation in drip irrigation devices revealed by optical coherence tomography (2017)| Biofouling| Read more
chana frenkel, Yona Chen, Yitzhak Hadar
laboratory scale production and purification of the iron chelator rhizoferrin a novel fe supplier to plants (2017)| Israel Journal of Plant Sciences| Read more
bernd marschner, Yona Chen, itamar nadav, jorge tarchitzky, karsten schacht, marek rodnĂ˝, ubomir lichner
comparison of various techniques to estimate the extent and persistence of soil water repellency (2017)| Biologia| Read more
Yona Chen, eli ashkenazi, Shimon Lavee, yoav avni
fruit trees survival ability in an arid desert environment without irrigation in the negev highlands of southern israel ()| Israel Journal of Plant Sciences| Read more

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