Researcher interests: Biological nitrogen fixation and plant promoting effects in associations between rhizophere bacteria and roots of grasses, legumes and vegetables. Biological nitrogen fixation in Rhizobium legume symbiosis and bacterial diseases of plants.
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Selected Publications

Saul Burdman, dafna tamirariel, gal reem brenholtz, Yaacov Okon
carotenoid production and phenotypic variation in azospirillum brasilense (2017)| Research in Microbiology| Read more
carlos labanderagonzales, martin lage, Yaacov Okon, pedro lage
agronomic applications of azospirillum and other pgpr (2015)| Biological nitrogen fixation| Read more
anton hartmann, Saul Burdman, florence wisniewskidye, ludovic vial, Yaacov Okon
phenotypic variation in azospirillum spp and other root associated bacteria (2015)| Biological nitrogen fixation| Read more
faina kamilova, katja hora, Yaacov Okon, sandra weert
commercialization of microbes manufacturing inoculation best practice for objective field testing and registration (2015)| | Read more
methods for studying phenotypic variation in azospirillum (2015)| | Read more
Saul Burdman, marta dardanelli, natalia soledad paulucci, ofra matan, Yaacov Okon, sharon fibachpaldi, victoria volfson
phenotypic variation in azospirillum brasilense sp7 does not influence plant growth promotion effects (2013)| Soil Biology & Biochemistry| Read more
abidelfatah nasser, anat shtarkersasi, Shlomo Nir, ofra matan, Yaacov Okon, susana castrosowinski, tanya kagan
removal of bacteria and cryptosporidium from water by micelle montmorillonite complexes (2013)| Desalination and Water Treatment| Read more
amos dovrat, eli yahalom, hanoch czosnek, Yaacov Okon
effect of inoculation with azospirillum brasilense strain cd and rhizobium on the root morphology of burr medic medicago polymorpha l (2013)| Israel journal of botany| Read more
azospirillum physiological properties mode of association with roots and its application for the benefit of cereal and forage grass crops (2013)| Israel journal of botany| Read more
henis, israel nur, Yaacov Okon, rina barak
tactic responses of azospirillum brasilense towards oxygen and organic compounds (2013)| Israel journal of botany| Read more

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